Among Us Top 5 Custom Game Modes You Didn’t Know Existed!

Among Us Top 5 Custom Game Modes

Among Us has been one of, if not the most played game in the world for the last four months And players are seeking out ways to keep the game fresh. We are here to help you with our Among Us Top 5 Custom Game Modes List!


Hide And Seek

Among Us Top 5 Custom Game Modes

Hide and Seek is the most popular and well known custom game mode in our Among Us Top 5 Custom Game modes List. The chances are you have heard of this one. But it is so great I couldn’t not include it!

Among Us Hide And Seek Rules

  • Imposter must sabotage comms and announce themself as soon as the round starts
  • Imposter gives Crewmates a five-second head start to run away
  • You’re free to talk at any time
  • No reporting bodies
  • No fixing comms
  • No emergency meetings
  • No sabotages (beyond Comms)

Among Us Hide And Seek Settings:

Imposters: 1
Crewmate Vision: 0.25x
Imposter vision: 0.25x
Kill Cooldown: 10 seconds
Kill Distance: Short
Common Tasks: 0
Long Tasks: 0
Short Tasks: 5

Small Talk

Small talk is a game of clarity. You need to be able to relay information concisely. You are only allowed to use 3 words per meeting. This rule applies to everyone!

Among Us Small Talk Rules

play the game out like normal. But each player is only allowed to say a maximum of 3 words per meeting!

Among Us Small Talk Settings

Normal Among Us match settings.

Colourblind Mode

Colourblind mode is a hilarious novelty game mode. If you regularly play with the same players and have learned their playstyles. Try playing with these setting – You will have no idea who is who! Enjoy as the chaos unfolds!

Among Us Colourblind Rules

  • Players must remove all skin/cosmetic items and set their name to a colour separate from their in-game colour (ie. the Red coloured crewmate sets their name to “Yellow”, etc.)
  • You are not allowed to refer to players by these descriptive indicators: Name, Colour, Light, Dark, Any player’s real name

Among Us Colourblind Mode Settings

Normal Among Us match settings.

No Talking!

Complete and utter guesswork. in this game mode no talking is allowed, whether it is through text or verbal it is completely prohibited. If you have seen someone vent or kill. keep voting for them. You have to let your votes do the talking! Another novelty game mode that should only been done for a laugh.

Among Us No Talking! Rules

No Talking or typing at all. inside or outside of meetings. Speak with your votes.

Among Us No Talking! Settings

Normal Among Us match settings

Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote is a game mode that is there to stretch the game out. Slow kills and extended task settings mean that the game can be slowed to a snail’s pace.

In this game mode, the only person that is allowed to answer any incoming questions is whoever reports the body or calls the meeting. Anyone else can ask questions as long as they don’t directly incriminate the others. But it is down to the person with the megaphone to relay all information. You also can’t go back and answer questions from previous rounds.

Be sure to be extra observant, have a good memory and remember who is where. As the person with the megaphone you can be the only one to say “I’m voting for X”! and get the others to share your mindset. With only one killer though make sure you get your facts straight!

Among Us Murder, She Wrote Rules

  • Only 1 killer within a 10 player lobby
  • Whoever reports the body is the only person that can answer questions.
  • Crewmates can ask as many questions as they want using the text chat. But all questions must be addressed to the person who reported the body.
  • You can ask absolutely anything, other players locations, who’s been with who. But It is down to the person who reported the body to answer the question.

Among Us Murder She Wrote Settings

Imposters: 1
Crewmate Vision: 1.00x
Imposter vision: 1.00x
Kill Cooldown: 30 seconds
Kill Distance: Short
Common Tasks: 2
Long Tasks: 3
Short Tasks: 5

Among Us Top 5 Custom Game Modes Conclusion

Thank you for reading! We hope this list assists you in trying new modes with your friends. Let us know in the comments any funny stories you have or any custom game modes that you would recommend!

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