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Among Us has been an undiscovered gem in the dirt for a while now. But with the influx of streamers such as XQC popularising the game the player count has suddenly shot up. So you’ve grabbed a handful of friends and are loading up your first game of ‘Among Us‘ – We are here to make sure you win every game with our ‘Among Us top 20 tips!’

This list is split into 2 segments. Tips for being the impostor and tips for being a crewmate.

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Among Us Top 10 Impostor Tips

As an impostor, it is your job to trick people into thinking you are one of them. Whilst secretly going around killing Crewmates. You do this by faking tasks, looking busy. Throwing accusations around and trying to lay low out of the suspicions of other people. All this while also maintaining a solid defence to back up your corner.

Lock Doors to Ensure Kill Privacy!

Among us How to use doors
Doors can be locked on the sabotage screen for the Impostor

Sabotage is an impostors best friend. Stand in a room looking like you are doing a task. Then when someone comes along to join you. Lock them in and take them out. Before venting/holing out and seeking a logical route away from where the victim is.

Make an Ally!

Have a kill available? Sometimes letting people live is a good way to make sure they side with you on vital decisions in-game. If you have helped them fix either Oxygen or Reactor (2 person tasks) then they are more likely to regard you as trustworthy.

Prioritize Killing the People who are Safe.

There are certain tasks in the game that have animations for people to see. Anyone seen doing these tasks are safe. And if you end up being final 4 with 2 people that are safe. the odds are heavily stacked against you. Always consider the person you are killing. Make sure anyone that is proved safe is a priority target for you to kill. But be careful, a good team would stay close to the safe crewmates. So killing them may be difficult.

Final 3 Guarantee The Win.

If you are the only killer left and there are 2 crewmates at the start of the round, or if there are 2 killers left and 4 crewmates. Then the game is done.

What you need to do is at the start of the round activate either the reactor or oxygen emergency. This will result in the Crewmates being unable to call an emergency meeting due to the crisis. Allowing for you to kill them once your kill cooldown expires.

Learn The Tasks!

There will be times where you will have to justify what task you were doing on Among us. If you stand where there is no task or give the wrong description of the task that you were “doing”. You will be flushed out of the airlock faster than you can say “I’m not the impostor”.

Accuse someone else if seen!

If someone else watches you vent or kill someone. Then that is virtually the end of your run. But if this happens. try to be first to the report. And insist that it is actually you who has seen them commit the act. This is a 50/50 at this point. People may side with you, and if they do that leaves you to kill someone else before being found guilty.

Use Sabotage!

Sabotages are great at splitting the group up. This allows you to control the game. for instance, you kill someone in navigation(middle-right), You then sabotage the reactor(right side), The last place any normal person would then go is back to navigation. You can then go assist with the sabotage and people will vouch that you were there.

How to kill when people are grouped up on Among us?!

People have the misguided belief that standing in a group is the safest way to win the game. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. When people are stood really close together it makes it really easy for the impostor. All he/she has to do is disable the lights. Run into a group of people and press the kill button. The impostor could literally be anyone within that group of people. So run in, kill someone and start pointing fingers at the others. This only works if 4 or more people are tightly packed.

Kill The Lights.

Lights can be turned off on the sabotage map

Killing the lights is my favourite sabotage. It renders peoples vision useless. You can kill someone in the dark and run for the nearest vent and people won’t be able to positively say who it was. However, use your brain. don’t kill someone in the same place that you turned the lights off. Travel as far away from that point as you possibly can and find someone to vouch for your wearabouts.

Remember during the following conversation that everybody’s view was affected. If you say you saw someone whilst the lights were out then this could be disputed. Landing you in hot water. remember crewmate limitations!

Watch what the other impostor is doing!

Be aware what the other impostor is doing, if you both go to a room and 2 people run in. You can easily lock the door, double kill and escape through the vents.

But on the other hand, if you play too close to the other killer you run the risk of being found guilty of each others kills. Also, don’t vouch too hard for the other killer. Be prepared to throw him under the bus if you feel the odds are against him. If you vouch and he’s guilty they will turn to you next.

Among Us Top 10 Crewmate Tips!

As a Crewmate you are working together with the majority of the others to meet a common goal, the completion of all the tasks (Or the killing of the impostors). You need to remain alert to your surroundings and take mental notes in order to help out your team. Get that detective head on!

When Should I use Medbay, Trash or Weapons?

If you are one of the Crewmates that has access the Medbay, trash or weapons. Make sure you use it when people are there to see! You are a deciding factor between winning and losing. Don’t waste your chance to prove your innocence. Also, don’t be afraid to call an emergency meeting if only one person saw to get them to declare your innocence. Any crewmate would do so. If they don’t then they are a guaranteed impostor. If you don’t get them to vouch, They could die before it’s ever brought to light.


CCTV is like having eyes everywhere at once. And a poor impostor won’t even consider the possibility of someone watching them on CCTV. But don’t just look for kills on the CCTV! Learn where each camera is situated and note everyone going between them.

If you see red go into navigation, then suddenly he’s running up into the canteen through another corridor. Navigation has 1 entrance. The only way he/she could of done that is through a vent.

Please note – Be careful not to hug the CCTV. You are announcing you are in the Security room and you will be a hot target for the Killer. Remain vigilant.

Maintain Order.

This tip is especially relevant when playing with randoms. People like to just accuse random colours and hope their guess is correct. Make sure if anyone accuses anyone. Ask them why first. If everyone listens to the guy pointing fingers at everyone you won’t win. You need to take credibility away from these people and avoid being sucked into the mob mentality.

Last 3, Decision Time!

so there is 1 impostor amongst you. And someone has just found a body. So you are sat in a meeting with 2 other people.

if you vote to skip at this point it is game over. (Revert to tip 4 of the impostor section) rationalise who is safe, who you suspect and fight your case.

If you don’t know then you need to come to an agreement with the remaining survivors to put all eggs into one basket. if everyone votes for each other it’s game other and if nobody votes its game over. Committing is the only way.

False Accusers Need to Justify Themselves.

Example – Blue reports a body saying he has seen red kill this person. Red gets ejected out the ship but it turns out they were innocent.

At this point, it is most likely red actually walked in on blue killing someone. So you need to get them to justify themselves before moving on. If they can’t defend why they pushed so hard for the execution then they need to go.

Keep Safe People Alive.

People who are safe are the most important people in the game for the crewmates. They are people you can follow safely, Do sabotage tasks freely with and are one less person that you know could be lying when trying to suss who the killer is.

You need to try and ensure the survival of these people as any good impostor will prioritise these as a target. in a final 4 situation, you will be so grateful that you have 2 people who have scanned in the Medbay.

Pay Attention!

Listen to what people say! people talk themselves into trouble so much but people miss it because they are in their own heads wondering what they are going to say themselves. Frequently I’ve seen someone who scanned in medbay early game get ejected into space because the other survivors forget that somebody had vouched for that person earlier.

Also if you see someone running near you. But don’t make a mental note of who they were. This can not only result in your story sounding suspicious and you being ejected but can also mean you and the team miss out on a good chance to catch the killer.

Don’t go off Alone.

This one is unavoidable at times. But always try and stay within a respectable range of others. though also Don’t stand on peoples toes! (Look to tip 8 of the Impostor section).

Bait the Killer.

If you see someone on CCTV. Stand vulnerable in a corridor or in a ‘one-Entrance’ room. Also if you see 2 people stood in a room together. Run out for a good 5 seconds before turning back on yourself and checking if both those people are still alive. The chances are the killer may have taken this opportunity. Don’t be afraid to die if you are aware that you get a strategic advantage out of doing so.

Frequently try and tailback on yourself as it is when you leave that the killer will act.

Don’t Use Someone Not Killing You as a Reason to Vouch!

I hear it all the time where people say it wasn’t someone else because they ran down a corridor together. You could be the ally they are trying to make to secure themselves a win or transitioning between kills and it is on cooldown. Only trust people who have been scanned and verified!

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Thanks for reading these top 20 Among Us tips. Let us know your Among Us stories in our forums! As well as any other tips you may have for people starting out the game afresh.

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