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Ravva and the Cyclops Curse

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse is a short 8-bit platform adventure inspired by classic NES games, both in art style and gameplay. You’ll meet Ravva, a young summoner apprentice who is now in a desperate situation. The child’s mother is a powerful summoner, but then a terrible foe emerged: the Cyclops Lord. After an intense fight, he stole the summoner powers and cast a terrible curse upon her! Now li...[Read More]

The Absolute Top 10 Most Sold Nintendo Switch Games Aug 2021

The top 10 most sold nintendo switch games to date have been laid bare for all to see by Nintendo in their latest sales figures summary, and some of the results are rather surprising to say the least! Here we will go through them all and list the absolute best selling games as announced by Nintendo themselves! 10. Ring Fit Adventure – 11.26m Sales rather surprisingly, Coming in at numbe...[Read More]

New Character Announced For Street Fighter V!

New Character Announced for Street Fighter 5 with fighter Luke, as well as returning fighters Oro and Akira will all be playable on Street Fighter V from August 16! Revealed by Street Fighter V Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto during Summer Update 2021, Luke is the fifth character for Season 5 and marks the final fighter added to Street Fighter V, bringing the total roster ...[Read More]

5 Cheap Minecraft Christmas Gifts 2021 You Won’t Regret![UK]

Listing the absolute best Cheap Minecraft Christmas gifts 2021 – Minimum cost, maximum fun! With Christmas soon approaching, people are rushing around looking for the best gift ideas to give to their loved ones on the big day. and with that comes the complications of shopping blind for people that have tastes worlds apart from our own. But that is why we are here, we have done ridiculous amo...[Read More]

The Top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021

Despite its age, the N64 still holds its place as one of the most played consoles in 2021. This is due to it being from, as some believe, the golden era of gaming. Whether you own a retro Nintendo 64 Console or you are looking to compliment your N64 Emulator playing experience, here at AIR Entertainment – We have you covered, as we run through the top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021! Please note &...[Read More]

How to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator!

So you have just downloaded a Nintendo 64 Emulator onto your PC and are now looking through the numerous titles available to you. You then plug in your USB Playstation/Xbox controller and realize that it just feels wrong. You then just ponder for a moment and think to yourself “I wish I knew how to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator!”… Well fear not, because not only ...[Read More]

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