Among Us FAQ – The Ultimate guide to Among Us’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

Among Us FAQ – The Ultimate guide to Among Us’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

It has been almost 2 months since Among Us became an overnight hit worldwide. And during this time we at AIR Entertainment have spent a shameless amount of hours doing tasks, killing innocent crewmates and arguing amongst ourselves as to who did what and where.

For anyone just starting out on Among Us, I would strongly recommend also giving our Among Us Top 20 Tips a read. The purpose of this article isn’t to be used as a guide as per se. But instead, we have used the tools available to us to gather the most googled questions, ultimately giving you, the player, a definitive answer to the question that is causing your confusion. Or not… depending on how vague the question is.

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Without further ado, lets begin with our Among Us FAQ.


What are the among us tasks?

The tasks on among us are broken down into 3 categories – Short, Long and Common tasks.

Short and long tasks pretty much speak for themselves, One is done within a matter of seconds if done correctly. And the other takes a fair bit longer to complete, leaving the Crewmate to face exposure for a longer period of time. Always try and ensure security before beginning a longer task.

How to win in Among Us

My main tip for winning games of Among Us is to stay focused, from beginning to end. If you are a crewmate, don’t remember the names of people you pass, instead, remember the colours, it’s easier to remember ‘red-blue’ than it is to remember ‘Tommy and hyperkilla2000’. always keep tabs of who you pass and where who you haven’t seen all game and who you are positive is safe.

Keep an eye out for irregularities between crewmates, see someone in electrical and suddenly you see them running out of Navigation, how did they beat you there without venting?

In addition to this, use your memory! If someone gets cleared in round 1 and the person vouching gets killed. When you are final 3 having to cast the deciding vote, that memory could be the difference between winning and losing

Please revert to our Top Tips Guide for a more in-depth understanding of this

How to win as impostor in Among Us?

As an impostor it is your job to pick off the crewmates 1 by 1 – Or 2 by 2, with a well-synchronized impostor team. Always memorize your alibi, find someone to trust you and don’t make rash decisions.

In the early game, always use lights or doors before killing your unsuspecting victim as with 8 crewmates early game is the time most likely to get busted for a rash decision.

Don’t remain loyal to your impostor friend, if they are outnumbered on votes, and you support them. People will be throwing you next. Sometimes you will experience a teammate that is throwing. And by throwing I mean they are vouching for you when you are completely outnumbered. If you go then its game over.

A good way to recover this situation is to flat out accuse the other impostor of being the actual impostor. This will either cause them to abandon you and stop fighting your corner. Or if they stupidly persist in vouching for you. The rest of the crewmates will begin to doubt as to whether an impostor would have snitched on another impostor like that.

Don’t do this enough to be predictable, but do this enough to remain inconsistent.

Also if you play with the same group regularly, change your playstyle. if you are renowned for constantly playing with doors, change it up. alternatively, if someone else is a suspect and they are renowned for certain playstyles. Adopt their general play style and use it against them. Even bringing it up in the debate.

Please revert to our Top Tips Guide for a more in-depth understanding of this

How to win as crewmate in Among Us?

As a crewmate, you need to acknowledge that you are a cog in a machine, and you can not single-handedly bring 2 killers down. You may know who the killers are, you need the other working cogs to function on the same wavelength.

Don’t be afraid to die. if someone is on the cameras, Stand exposed in the corridor in the hope that the impostors will slip up, it is amazing how often this works.

Again, remember colors. “red, blue nav” is a quick and easy way to remember who, what, when, where. because as you add colors and rooms to that memory bank. “Red, Blue Nav” will remain in your memory for as long as it needs to. eventually being replaced by newer memories as and when it becomes irrelevant information. If shortly after remembering that information, and blue is dead in Nav… bingo!

Please revert to our Top Tips Guide for a more in-depth understanding of this

What are the Among Us common tasks?

Common tasks vary map by map. But one thing remains consistent, Every crewmate in the lobby will have the exact same common tasks as the others. CardSwipe, Wires, keys, Boarding pass are all examples of common tasks. If someone goes to do a card swipe task and that isn’t a task that you have available to you, then they are faking it.

Among Us Double Kill

To perform a double kill, both impostors need to be in close proximity to one another, alongside 2 crewmates. Try and ensure they are both a safe distance away from each other, otherwise you run the risk of one of them getting a report in before your teammate can react.

Also, make sure that you turn the light outs, lock the doors, or are confident that nobody is going to walk in on you. Because if you are busted performing a double kill, it’s pretty much good game, good night, next game.

How To Sabotage In Among Us?

Sabotage is an ability available exclusively to the impostors. The sabotages available are Doors, Oxygen, Reactor, Comms and lights. Pressing the sabotage button bottom-right of the screen will bring up a map showing all of the available sabotages.

Doors – Locks the doors surrounding the target room. On Polus, the doors can be opened by the crewmates by doing a short task. On Skeld, the doors are on a timer.

Oxygen – This will begin the process of extracting oxygen from the ship. In order to prevent this from happening, the crewmates must key in a code at 2 different points on the map before the timer drops to 0. Failure to do so will result in an impostor victory.

Lights – Lights can be turned off, rendering player vision virtually useless until a task has been completed to turn them back on again. This is a great way of adding security for a kill when distance between crewmates is an issue.

Comms – Disabling the cooms results in the players(and ghosts) being unable to complete tasks until the comms task has been completed. This is a very useful tactic endgame when the crewmates have all but completed their tasks.

How To Be Good at Among Us?

The best way to be a good player on Among Us is to be alert, observational and listen closely to what everybody has to say. Whether you are an impostor or a crewmate, These skills are essential. Don’t get lost in your own importance, ensure that everybody is on your side so that you can sway vital votes one way or another. The best way to do this is to communicate well with the other players. Don’t be afraid to die if doing so is advantageous to the outcome of the game.

How to vent on among us

Every map has a vent network in place, Vents allow the impostor to travel from room to room without actually moving in the open, you essentially teleport from one room to another. to use a vent you just run-up to it and press the vent button which appears when in range of the vent/hole.

How To Close Doors In Among Us?

Doors can be closed on the sabotage map, the icon is essentially just the picture of a door with a cross going through it. The sabotage map can be brought up by pressing the sabotage button on the bottom right of the screen.

How To Kill on Among Us?

A kill can be done by the impostor, either by pressing the kill button bottom-right of the screen or by pressing Q on the keyboard when at the range to do so.

How To report on Among Us?

When a player is in range of a body, the report button will glow on the bottom right of the map. all the player has to do is press this and a meeting will be called. Remember to remember where the body is before reporting, as this will need to be relayed to the team.

How to call an Emergency Meeting on Among Us?

An emergency meeting can be called either in the cafeteria, or the table in the office on Polus. The player must walk to the table, press use, and press the button to instigate a group discussion and group vote. This is a variable that can be changed by the group host, though the default amount is 1 emergency meeting, per user, per game.

How to Turn Off the Lights on Among Us?

The lights can be turned off on the sabotage map, which can be found at the bottom right of the screen. This is only available to the impostors.

How To Fake Tasks on Among Us

The best way to fake tasks is to learn if the task at each location is a long task, or a short one. And remember how long roughly it takes you to complete said task. Once you feel sufficient time has been spent to fake the task, wait for the Total Tasks Completed bar to increase due to someone else completing a task and runoff as if that was because of the fake task you “just completed”

Is Grouping a good tactic on among us?

Grouping is a useful tactic to deter the killer from striking. Especially when the team is already confident on who the killer is. But be aware, a good killer should be able to work their way around a group in order to capitalize. Be it through splitting the team up with oxygen/reactor or killing the lights before striking.

How to deal with Grouping as an impostor?

If there are a group of people all stood on each other’s toes, that is an easy kill for the impostor. Wait for them to all run-up to a task, hugging them as if you are one of them. And then hit the kill button and hold position.

If it is late game and you are the only suspected impostor remaining, the best bet is reactor/oxygen, kill an isolated crewmate and use delay tactics(eg. doors) to prevent the others from getting to the body. Waiting for your kill cooldown to expire.

Early game Don’t be afraid to be a suspect. if you get a stack kill within a group of 4/5 all in the same area, then the chances are they won’t eject you. They’ll either be forced to skip and suspect it could be you(as well as half the lobby). Or they will take a stab and chances are they will get it wrong, ejecting the wrong person.

What is a Visual Task (Medbay/Trash/Weapons/Shield) in Among Us?

A visual task is a task that displays an animation whilst being performed. This animation is visible to other crewmates and impostors alike. Someone who performs a visual task is definitely a crewmate as the impostors are unable to complete tasks. This setting can be turned off by the game’s host, resulting in the visual tasks no longer displaying an animation for the other players in the lobby.

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