Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review

Re:Turn - One Way Trip Review

Our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review looks at an exciting horror 2D Platformer game that reminds us of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Released on PC by Green Man Gaming Publishing on 14 October 2020, you’ll need to solve puzzles between different realities.

We were surprised at how much we enjoyed the game. When first presented with the title, we had our doubts. However, as the story progressed, we fell in love.

What is the plot about and will you enjoy the horror game? What are the graphics like and which gameplay mechanics does it contain? Read more in our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review.

Platform reviewed:PC
Release date:14 October 2020
Genre:2D Platformer, Horror
File size2GB
Developer:Red Ego Games
Publisher:Green Man Gaming Publishing


Re:Turn - One Way Trip Review

The game starts off with a group of five friends celebrating their college graduation. They’re out in the woods on a camping trip, all alone in the dark. When one of them vanishes, things start going terribly wrong.

You play as Saki, the main protagonist for our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review. While searching for your friends who appear to have abandoned you, you stumble across a desolate train. Investigating the interior creates more mystery than answers.

The one aspect we enjoyed was travelling between different time realities to discover where your friends are and what happened on the train. It sends us back to Silent Hill, reading clues in the Otherworld to solve puzzles in the foggy town. There are also story elements that whisper of Resident Evil.

In any event, we’re happy to state in our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review that there are enough quests and content to keep you interested in the story. You’ll find notes and drawings, with clues that’ll leave you bewildered. We’ve never been as interested in a 2D platformer as with this horror game.


Re:Turn - One Way Trip Review

For our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review, we found that most of the gameplay revolves around running from one area to another, finding items and clues to solve a puzzle. It’s not something we’re complaining about, since you do the same thing in the horror game’s mentioned above.

Sometimes, the puzzles are fairly easy. Find the rhyme that will reveal the combination on a lock. Insert an object in a dead hand to provide another riddle. It makes for an exciting adventure, that’s for sure.

One could almost imagine how well this game would do in a 3D survival horror setting for our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review. However, the 2D platform environment is still thrilling, with various jump scare elements for good measure.

We specifically liked the scenes where the hero changes to a different time when the train was in tact. You’re invisible to most characters in that time, trying to solve mysteries like a detective. In true Silent Hill fashion, you can take objects you find in one reality with you to your present reality to open boxes or complete puzzles.


Re:Turn - One Way Trip Review

What do you see in our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review in the image above? Yes, a huge eyeball, like in old Resident Evil games! It doesn’t look like much in that screenshot, but I can promise you that it has a terrifying effect when bobbing and looking around while you’re playing in the dark of the night.

There are many visual elements that cause jump scares, and my kids ran out of the room at some moments. Don’t get upset that they were watching, as I originally wondered just how scary a 2D platformer can be. After that first scare, they were no longer prepared to watch me play the game for this Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review.

The visuals don’t look like much, to be fair, but the impact is what counts. There’s even some misty scenes that feel like a tribute to Silent Hill. Despite the retro style graphics, we’re giving an excellent rating for the designers pulling off amazing imagery for a platformer and scaring the shit out of us.


Re:Turn - One Way Trip Review

The sound is just as eerie, we felt in this Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review. Creepy music accompanies the horror visuals, with more jump-scare tactics in the audio. There were some defining sound effects that sent chills up our spines and made my wife want to switch it off.

Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review: Final Verdict

Re:Turn - One Way Trip Review

In our Re:Turn – One Way Trip Review, we felt that the horror 2D platformer has all the right elements for this genre. The mysterious story, the puzzling gameplay, the scary visuals and the eerie sounds all contribute to an amazing title. Kudos to the development team for a game I’ll place in the shelves next to Silent Hill and Resident Evil classics.

For $10.75, Re:Turn – One Way Trip is worth buying.

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Price: 10.75

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: Game

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