Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate money making guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate money making guide


The great thing about Nintendo’s latest Animal Crossing instalment, New Horizons. Is that you can put in as much, or as little effort into the game as you’d like. And still feel like you are progressing well on the game.

But the fact that you are here suggests that you would like to make bells more efficiently in order to pay off those pesky Nook Loans and concentrate your funds on decorating your island. Well here is the definitive guide that is going to truly get you to terms with the economy that is Bells.



To start with I am going to talk about crafting, this is the first suggestion for maximising your material profits. Due to the fact that this doubles the money made from the price you would earn from the raw material, it is definitely worth doing. And with the Hot Item rotations the profits can be further increased. Please note: all crafted items scale the selling price the same way, you don’t get more profits from crafting item A than item B.


There will be numerous rocks scattered around your island, inside the rocks you will find stones(duh), clay, iron, and gold. Oh and the occasional creepy crawly. And that’s it right? Wrong! Once each day one of the rocks on the home island will drop gold coins and bags. This can get you around 20k gold each day if done right. All you have to do is hit said rock with a spade 9 times to get the most possible profit from it. To ensure that the recoil doesn’t throw your character off. Stand diagonal to the rock and dig to burrow yourself in.(as demonstrated in the picture below).

Island expeditions

Island expeditions can be done by exchanging a Nook Miles Ticket bought at the terminal in the residents tent/building. Island expeditions are always a gamble as you never know what island you are going to end up with. If its a single layer island then you could possibly turn it into a tarantula isle (which I will talk about later) and make a vast amount of profit from it. Though getting the right island is few and far in between. Though other islands do run the chance of being an island filled with bell filled rocks, emperor butterflies and unique expensive fish.

In order to make a tarantula island you have to pick all the flowers on the island, smash all the rocks, cut down all trees and remove the stumps left behind from doing so. In order to make a tarantula island the island has to be on a single layer. (so if your island has a part that you need to use a ladder to get to, this most likely wont work)

You then run around the island, scaring all the other bugs away until you run into tarantulas, you do this until your bag is filled entirely with tarantulas.(going in with an empty bag and maximum bag space upgrade is recommended)

Also note, the latest update has added water-bugs into the game which renders this method a lot more time consuming as its an additional bug that you have to get rid of, and you cant scare water-bugs off!

Turnips (depending on your luck!)

Turnips are the games very own stock market. Every Sunday the turnip seller Daisy Mae will come by and will be selling turnips at a varying price. Then throughout the week the value of these turnips will rise and drop randomly. Be aware, turnips spoil after 7 days and the following Sunday you can not sell turnips at Nooks Cranny. Turnips are a risky way to profit, though the risk is rather small, and the reward can potentially be massive.

Money Trees

Money trees can be planted once a day, after you dig up a glowing hole on your island and get your bag of bells from the hole. You can follow it up by putting a wad of bells from your wallet into the ground. The reward from the amount put in caps at 10,000 bells so we don’t recommend planting any more than that. After 3 days you can shake the tree and it will give you a healthy amount of money. (usually 3x the amount put in!)


Harvesting is a fantastic way to make consistent profit, allocate an area of your island to make an orchard, be sure to obtain a fruit that is not native to your island. e.g. if your native fruit is cherry, then you should plant an apple tree instead. This means that every single fruit sold at nooks cranny will be for 500 bells!

To make the most effective orchard, you need to make sure each tree has a gap above, below and to each side of 3 spaces. You also shouldn’t plant directly next to a wall, a cliff or a river. If these requirements aren’t met the trees wont grow properly.

As you see in the picture. all the trees have a gap going both up, down, left and right of 3 spaces. In doing this you can make sure there is no spaces wasted on your orchard. Making for potentially big profits every 3 days!

Time Travel (not recommended)

This is the final big Bell earner though if you really want to experience the game for what its worth. This can really ruin that experience. But if selling your soul to the devil is something you are okay with, then this is the trick for you. Putting Bells into the ABD savings account accrues a daily interest of 0.5%(capping at 99,999 bells) what you do is put all your bells into the account. Go to the Switch settings and forward your date a couple of years, load up the game and open up your mail box, you will have mail from BANK. Retrieve the money and do it again, your interest will fly into your bank account within no time at all. (teleporting backwards is possible. You won’t be stuck in the future!)

Please be aware, this is not the way the game has been designed to be played. And although there are no repercussions yet, that’s not to say that will always be the case. Because this in its very definition. Cheating. This is easily the fastest way to earn bells but truly takes away from the reward of hitting the milestones yourself.


The best way to efficiently earn money each day (without shamelessly cheating) is to ensure that you have planted a money tree, hit the money rock 9 times and have a decent sized orchard replenishing valuable fruits every 3 days. This will easily earn you in excess of 400k every tree rotation.


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