Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide – Grand Theft Horse

Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide – Grand Theft Horse


Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide Introduction

Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide

Death is a side quest on Rustler (Grand theft horse), located at the highlighted area of the map (Just south of the castle, hugging the wall left). and speaking to the gravedigger. You are tasked with scaring bandits by playing dress up as death. Find out how to complete the quest in our Rustler Death on the Beach Quest Guide!

Rustler Death on the beach Dialogue

Gravedigger: Find what you are looking for amongst the dead?
Gravedigger: Oh, wait. You’re not one of them Beach Boys. Still, you look like you’re already dead inside. Perfect for the job.
Gravedigger: There’s a guy who keeps clogging up my favorite privy. Here – wear this and go scare im, hehe, shitless.
*Complete Objective – Scare the neighbor by pressing Tab*
Guy: BOO.
Neighbor: Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!
*Complete objective – Report your success to the grave digger*
Gravedigger: Blimey, you’re good. I heard him crap his pants all the way from here. Say, you wanna make some extra dough?
Gravedigger: There’s an extra rowdy group of bandits called the beach boys. They hang near the shore, likely harassing some schmucks.
Gravedigger: I, uh, I hear they’ve been kind of difficult to work with. Like, for getting bodies and stuff. Not that I would know. Give them a scare.
*Complete Objective – Approach the bandits*
Bandit: What the fuck, freak? We won’t fall for this, we’re not dense.
*Complete Objective – Kill the bandits*
*Complete Objective – Scare the bandits.*
*After Scaring the first* – Guy: HI. I’VE COME FOR YOUR LIFE.
Bandit: AAAAAAA! T-that thing killed our boys!
*After scaring the second*Guy: HELLO.
Bandit: So it’s true! Run for your lives! It’s Death!
*After scaring the third*Guy: SUP?
Bandit: M-m-m-m… mhfdhsdfkedsdfsfdf…!
*Complete Objective – Ride back to the gravedigger*
Gravedigger: Well, how did it go?
Guy: I managed to stay in character. They won’t be very sunny anymore.
Gravedigger: Fantastic Here’s the money. Also, you can keep the costume. It suits you.
**Mission End**

Scare the neighbor by pressing Tab (In order to scare people you must have your scythe equipped).

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) How to scare people.

Rustler Grand theft horse Scythe

In order to scare people on Rustler (Grand Theft Horse). You must first equip the scythe, approach them and press Tab.

Rustler Death

The neighbor is stood outside the porta-potty. Simply approach him and press tab

Report your success to the grave digger.

Simple, head on back to the grave digger by following the blue arrow.

Approach the bandits.

Rustler Approach the bandits

Head to the beach, South-west of the gravediggers location. Just walk into the bandits proximity and it will trigger a conversation.

Kill the bandits.

There are 3 bandits that appear to kill. They are easy enough to cleave through. if you are struggling. Kite them around until you get a good opening. Don’t head for the armor as you can’t wear it while wearing the Death costume.

Scare the bandits.(By pressing Tab with your scythe equipped)

Pretty self-explanatory, run-up to the bandits by following the blue arrows (leading you north from the beach) and scare them all. If you have a horse, jump on it. If not, head to the location marked to jump on one and get there faste. (Press the 7 key on the keyboard after disembarking your horse to draw your scythe.)

Rustler Scare the bandits

Ride back to the gravedigger.

Return to the Gravedigger. Follow the blue arrow and the mission will end.

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