AIR Entertainment Review Policy

Here at AIR Entertainment, our review policies are very simple yet we have been accused in the past of kissing the backsides of developers and taking payments to create a strong review for a game. This will never happen!

None of our reviewers are paid in any way, shape or form. We all do this for a love of gaming. We all have seperate jobs outside of the gaming world and the way we look at it, the only payment we do get is to play a new game for free.

We are happy to review any new games or even slightly older ones across consoles and PC, but we will very rarely review mobile games. The simple reason for this is that there are way too many new games for mobile devices being released daily and 99% of these games are extremely basic and terrible. The mobile gaming industry seems to be a learning platform for people who want to start to create games and earn some money with adverts flooding the screens, not to mention the major risk of virus’ being implemented within software. The only time we will review is from a reputable developer.

We like to provide honest and impartial reviews. If we receive a review code for a game from a developer or a PR team, we will state this in a review. Sometimes we do have to go and purchase games we like for ourselves even if we have tried contacting the powers that be for that game. This will in no way affect any reviews that we do. We promise that receiving games from developers or PR teams will never affect a review. We stick to the principle of honesty.

Our reviewers at AIR Entertainment have over 150 years of combined gaming experience, so we like to think we have some sort of idea what we are talking about. We pride ourselves on publishing reviews you can trust. If a game is shit, we will tell you its shit! Our team cannot be bought to write favourable reviews for a poor game.

Our site does have adverts running on pages, this is to pay for the upkeep of the site. We are paid by these adverts when you visit a review. You do not have to click on them, just seeing them on the screen in front of you will allow a small amount of revenue to filter back to us. We do hope that you appreciate we cannot run this site on thin air, we do have to pay for it somehow. That is the only reason adverts run on our site.

We will never steal any data from people who are kind enough to leave comments on our posts, you are simply asked for information to prove that you are not a bot that wants to leave seedy porn links as our site is aimed at all ages and we certainly wouldn’t want our children seeing things like that

Our reviews go live as soon as we can get them up. Sometimes we are held to an NDA (None Disclosure Act) before a games release and are not permitted to say anything, anywhere about the game we are playing, but the second that embargo is lifted we will publish the review. It is only at that point once our reviews are live that we send the review links to the developers and PR teams so they can see what we think of their work. They are not privy to any of our contents within reviews any sooner than the general public is.

All of our reviewers review to a score of 10, but each have their own ways of doing this. That being said, we are all on the same wavelength normally as to what a game should receive after experiencing it for ourselves. We don’t have one person saying it should be a 1/10 and another saying 9/10.

A.I.R. Entertainment is managed by Celenic Game Studios, a Division of Celenic Earth Publications that develops and publishes games. Our aim is to bring you the latest in gaming news, from the gaming industry as a whole with a particular focus on our gaming partners. We also review games and perform interviews with game companies. Our reviewers are made up of people from around the globe, so if you notice any questionable spelling from one of our reviewers, please bare in mind he’s American and they can’t spell anyway (haha)

If there is any topic that you would like to see covered, a game you would like to see reviewed or a gaming company interviewed, please let us know.