Genshin Impact Levelling Guide – Guaranteed Fastest Way to Reach Adventure Rank 16!

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Genshin Impact Levelling Guide – Guaranteed Fastest Way to Reach Adventure Rank 16!

Genshin Impact Levelling Guide – Guaranteed Fastest Way to Reach Adventure Rank 16!

So you’ve finally got into Genshin Impact’s beautiful world of Teyvat. You just want to experience the game with your friend, but unfortunately, you’ve found out that both of you need to reach level 16 to do so. Don’t threat, we are going to teach you the most efficient way to reach level 16 as fast as possible in our Genshin Impact Levelling Guide

Genshin Impact How to level to Adventure rank 16 Fast!

Please note – Along your playthrough, Don’t Ignore Teleporter locations and Don’t ignore Anemoculus’. Whenever you see one near to your location, grab it! Teleport waypoints are necessary for fast travel and anemoculus’ are required for stamina!


Levels 1-6: Complete the Archon ‘Prologue: Act 1’ Questline

From level 1-6, it is best you follow the ‘Archon Prologue: Act 1’ Questline. collecting any items you find lying around along the way. Also, unlock all teleports and statues during this period of exploration. Going out your way slightly if need be. But try and roughly stay local to where you need to be.

Also note, don’t go out of your way to take down every chest if you are looking to blitz your way straight through to level 16. Instead opt for the easier available chests and ignore the more time consuming ones. Pick up ALL loot as you go as bag space is not a huge issue, especially at this point in the game. You may need some materials for later stages of this guide. Better to have too much than too little.

If you struggle on any quests, has a fantastic guide on how to make your way through this questline.

You would now of unlocked the Wish system, which is the way you unlock new heroes. Go to your mail, claim all of the starting gifts. Then go to the Wish part of the Menu and claim your free Hero roll.(Note – If you plan on Re-rolling a non-optimal hero, then this is the time to do it.) This point is a good time to level your desired squad up using the cards, as well as improving their gear.

Levels 6-8: Complete the Story and world quests around Mondstadt

Essentially, work through your entire quest log until there is no more quests that can be completed. This will happen at late level 7/Early level 8.

Levels 8-10: Explore South-West towards Bishui Plain, complete ‘Adventurer Handbook Chapter 1’, Hand in all collected Anemoculus to statue.

Genshin Impact Levelling Guide

Explore South West (Down and left) from Mondstadt. towards Bishui Plain. Collecting and completing quests from the 2 images circled. Be sure to branch out into the surrounding areas, collecting all teleporter locations on the way.

Levels 10-13: Complete Prologue: Act 2

at Level 10 you will have Act 2 of the prologue to complete, run through this and it should take you to around the level 13 mark.

Again – If you get stuck, Created a great guide to assist in getting through Act 2!

Levels 13-15: Commission Quests, Adventurer Handbook 2-3

Commision quests are this games very own ‘Daily Quests’. After reaching level 12 you go to speak to the Adventurers guild NPC and it will unlock the Comission Quests. complete all 4 and retrieve your daily reward. In addition to this, Ensure you have completed and claimed the entirity of your Adventurer Handbook ‘Experience’ Chapters 2+3.

Level 15-16: Troublesome Work Story Questline

At this point the next part to the Story questline will become available. run through this and it will take you past level 16. Allowing you to lobby up with your friend. (Assuming he’s done the same method!)

What should I do after Rushing to level 16?

After you have rushed to level 16, there will be a number of things you want to go back and do. You want to dedicate half a day to run around the map collecting ALL Anemoculus’ and Geoculus’ that are scattered around the map. You want to do this in one sitting so to ensure that you don’t miss any.

These are necessary as they greatly increase your stamina, as well as other bonuses. If you miss any, you will have to re-run through every single one until you find the one you missed. It’s better to just get them all done in one sitting so you can move onto other things!

I personally ran through them all alongside this video –

Thanks for reading our Genshin Impact Levelling Guide

If you have any more tips then feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to test it out, and if a proven method, I will add it to the guide!

If your friend is having any problems downloading the game, fear not. As we have that covered too! Find out how to fix Genshin Impact Verifying files issue here!


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