Artificer Science of Magic Review

Artificer Science of Magic Review

Our Artificer Science of Magic Review looks at a new exploration role-playing game released by Games Operators on 10 September 2020. You’ll need to survive against nature and alien creatures in this epic science fiction tale. It terms of platforms, we played the game on PC.

We started playing this survival RPG game a few weeks ago for our Artificer Science of Magic Review. There’s so much content, it’ll keep you busy for days. What we love is that the developer continues to provide new items with regular updates.

What is the story about? How do you play the game and what crafting can you expect? Find out all this and more in our Artificer Science of Magic Review.

Platform reviewed:PC
Release date:10 September 2020
Genre:Survival Role-Playing Game
File size5 GB
Developer:Psilocybe Games
Publisher:Games Operators


Artificer Science of Magic Review

You are Raymond Everett, a science officer on the space ship HMS Hawking. While travelling through space, something hits your ship and you fall headlong onto the planet Alcor. You’re alone with your wolf and need to survive.

As the days and nights pass, you need to find resources to stay alive. Complicating matters are the dangerous animals and plants on the planet’s surface. You should keep in mind that you’re the unwelcome alien here as you cut items for crafting.

Eventually, you create workstations that allow you to cast spells and mix elixirs. It becomes a wonderful blend of fantasy and science fiction, something we enjoy see in games. As we continued through the survival RPG for our Artificer Science of Magic Review, we realised just how much content it has.

We don’t want to spoil any story elements for you. Suffice it to say that there are enough quests to keep you fairly busy for weeks. With the developer regularly adding new updates, there’s always something extra to explore when you return to the game.


Artificer Science of Magic Review

If you’re a fan of crafting games like Minecraft, then the gameplay may feel slightly familiar. There’s an item bar at the bottom as well as a limited inventory for when you go hunting for resources. You’ll also have a base of operations where you live and sleep.

Don’t take the night for granted, though. New creatures appear that take advantage of your sleeping figure. You’ll need to make precautions to protect you while you’re unconsience.

We really enjoyed the crafting aspects for our Artificer Science of Magic Review. There’s a sense of progression as you unlock new furniture and crafting stations. Before you head out, you need to note all the items you should find.

Combat is where the game falls short. It features small hacking movements, giving larger enemies an advantage over you. However, we loved learning how to avoid or defeat specific creatures. It smacks of RPG strategy, which receives a decent score for our Artificer Science of Magic Review.

When you die, you return to your base from the last time you or the game saved. Fortunately, you don’t have to redo much, and we’re grateful for the respawn feature.


Artificer Science of Magic Review

We have mixed opinions about the graphics for our Artificer Science of Magic Review. On the one hand, we enjoyed the alien world and the different types of creatures available. On the other, we felt the designed could have done a better job with the over design and artwork.

Some flowers and animals have lazy designs, and you can almost see the copy/paste aspect. In some cases, it looks like cheap artwork done in a paint program. The ingenious story and gameplay elements don’t seem to match the graphics, which is a shame.

Still, there are praiseworthy aspects for our Artificer Science of Magic Review. The inventory and item panels look good, as do the different recipes and ingredients. The developers put a lot of thought into how different creatures should look, which is good.


Artificer Science of Magic Review

The sound makes up for the graphics in our Artificer Science of Magic Review. There’s a decent soundtrack, giving you the feeling of running around on an eerie planet. With some interesting sound effects, you’re going to enjoy various audio elements in the game.

Is there anything that stands out for our Artificer Science of Magic Review in terms of sound? It’s mostly the background music, while a bit more work could have been done on creature noises. It delivers better than some of the other features.

Artificer Science of Magic Review: Final Verdict

Artificer Science of Magic Review

For our Artificer Science of Magic Review, there are some strong points. In the story, we loved the science and fantasy mixture, as well as developing your base. The gameplay is somewhat enjoyable with the crafting aspect standing out above the combat. Graphics could be better, while the soundtrack hits the right notes for a strange, unwelcome planet.

Is Artificer Science of Magic worth buying? The price is low enough to justify the game’s rating. We recommend it for lovers of RPG survival games and for peeps who enjoy surviving against the worst odds. We’re addicted enough to the base-building aspect to continue playing.

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