Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough(Grand Theft Horse).

Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough(Grand Theft Horse).



**Note – This Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough guide is still being created. It will look like a mechanics toolbox for the time being until it has been completed. Feel free to use the directory until it is finished! But mind the mess!**

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) is a game created by Jutsu games that takes inspiration from the original grand theft auto titles. envisioning them inside of a medieval world that plays parody (much like the flintstones) to todays society. The game is incredibly challenging to play and control. But with the help of our Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough, you will fly through the game – One dead knight at a time!

Rustler Main Quests

Mission 1 – Horsin’ around

Rustlers first mission, it is the introduction and an insight into what the game offers, as well as covering the basics on the game. You are tasked with stealing a horse for Buddy.

Mission 2 – High Season

High Season is the second Quest on Rustler, you are tasked with killing a knight in the forest. You don’t know why exactly, but orders are orders!

Mission 3 – Guy That knows a guy

Rustler PC Ultimate Walkthrough

Guy that knows a guy is the third main quest in the Rustler storyline. Find John the bard so that he can get you access to a forger, a guy that can fake your nobility documents in order to grant you access to the Grand Tournament.

Side Quests

Death on the Beach Mission Guide

Death on the beach is a side quest on Rustler (Grand theft Horse). Dress up as death and scare some bandits that are causing problems for the locals on the beach… That and they provide the gravedigger with poor custom…

Side Activities

Coming soon

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) Combat Guide

Combat on Rustler can be difficult at first. Though as you learn to master the blade you soon get used to it. Read through our combat tips to become an efficient fighter!

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) best Weapon

The best weapon on Rustler is by far the Sword & Shield. Spear is also a decent choice for people wanting to keep enemies at length.

Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) how to fight efficiently.

Block as the enemy strikes, this will lead to the enemy being vulnerable to attacks for 2 seconds. In addition to this, Press space to dash into people with spears and halberds. Keeping them at close range makes their life very difficult when trying to land hits on Guy.

Also, if you see the enemy powering up a heavy attack. Dash away using space so their attack will end up slashing at air. Even use this opportunity to dash in behind the enemy if you see a chance. This will ensure maximum damage.

Rustler Skills

Skills in rustler are the backbone of any successful playthrough. Tailoring your build to how you want to play through the game.


Spongeguy is an incredibly useful skill for keeping you alive against a barrage of attacks. On a game that punishes death by sending you back to checkpoints dating back years. Dipping your hands into the securities of spongeguy is a must.

Level 1 – Increases maximum HP by 10%
Level 2 – Increases Maximum HP by 20%
Level 3 – Increases Maximum HP by 30%

Hero of Might and Might

5% a level doesnt give you too much bang for your buck, though 15% is a significant increase on the base damage – The problem comes with the cost to get there. I wouldn’t make this skill a priority. But I would at least get it to level 1.

Level 1 – Increases the maximum damage dealt by 5%
Level 2 – Increases the maximum damage dealt by 10%
Level 3 – Increases the maximum damage dealt by 15%

Lung Story Short

Level 1 – Fighting and running costs 5% less stamina.
Level 2 – Fighting and running costs 10% less stamina.
Level 3 – Fighting and running costs 15% less stamina.

Plot Armor

Level 1 – Fatal hit leaves guy with 1 HP instead (once per critical health state).



Level 1 – Crossbow reloads 10% faster
Level 2 – Crossbow reloads 20% faster
Level 3 – Crossbow reloads 30% faster

Shit Motion

Level 1 – Throwing shit at enemies slows them down by 10%
Level 2 – Throwing shit at enemies slows them down by 20%
Level 3 – Throwing shit at enemies slows them down by 30%

Ammo Domini

Level 1 – Increases the maximum bolt capactiy by 10

Zero Waste

Level 1 – Grants a chance to retrieve a fired bolt from a dead body.



Level 1 – Guy can pick up items while on horseback.


Level 1 – Horses regenerate stamina 5% faster.
Level 2 – Horses regenerate stamina 10% faster.
Level 3 – Horses regenerate stamina 15% faster.

Horse Whisperer

Level 1 – Guy Doesn’t fall off slow horses.
Level 2 – Guy doesn’t fall off average horses.
Level 3 – Guy doesn’t fall off fast horses.

Red Dead Rejection

Level 1 – Making a U-turn knocks down nearby enemies.



Level 1 – Hiring a bard costs 5% less gold
Level 2 – Hiring a bard costs 10% less gold
Level 3 – Hiring a bard costs 15% less gold

All Good in the Wood(s)

Level 1 – Wanted level decreases faster while guy remains in a wooded area

Gods’ Favourite Guy

Level 1 – Guy finds 10% more ammo and gold.
Level 1 – Guy finds 20% more ammo and gold.
Level 3 – Guy finds 30% more ammo and gold.

My Uncle’s a sergeant

Level 1 – Guy doesn’t lose his weapons after being caught by the guards.

Rustler Weapons

Coming soon

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