The Top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021

The Top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021

Despite its age, the N64 still holds its place as one of the most played consoles in 2021. This is due to it being from, as some believe, the golden era of gaming. Whether you own a retro Nintendo 64 Console or you are looking to compliment your N64 Emulator playing experience, here at AIR Entertainment – We have you covered, as we run through the top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021!

Please note – If you are planning on playing with a N64 Controller on a PC with an emulator or via your Nintendo Switch, you must first obtain an adaptor, as explained in our guide on ‘How to get an 64 Controller working on a PC Emulator’!


5. Miadore Retro 64 Bit Joypad

Price: $12.88/£17.99

The Miadore Retro 64 Bit Joypad remains true to the classic design of the N64 original controller. despite the unpopular, unorthodox style that it dons. Some small minority of people like to experience the classic experience down to the very last detail, and we respect that! As do the guys at Miadore! Who have created the Retro 64 and designed it to not veer off the beaten track to offer up a vanilla Nintendo 64 experience! Also available in Various different colours!

The price of the Miadore Retro 64 Bit Joypad is fairly cheap due to it’s close representation of the original.

4. Hyperkin Admiral Premium BT Controller

Price: $38.95/£44.88

The Hyperkin Admiral is one of the most popular choices among Nintendo 64 gamers due to it’s wireless capabilities. Simply plug the adapter into the console and play from anywhere in the room. Completely free from cables. Hyperkin have been in the business for a lengthy period of time. Creating the adapter that we recommended in our ‘How to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator‘ guide.

3. Brawler64 Wireless

Price: $36.95/ £N/A

Retro Fighters Brawler 64 Wireless controller is a slick-designed wireless controller built for the N64. boasting itself as a ‘Next generation N64 controller with an ergonomic and comfortable two handle design’. Coming in at a costly $36.95, it is quite a premium product. It is also worth noting that residents of the United Kingdom may struggle to obtain one of these as they are usually out of stock. instead, it is probably more worthwhile to go for the wired option instead.

2. Retro-Bit Tribute 64 Wired

Price: £19.99/$40.45

Retro-Bit Tribute 64 is a Compact designed Nintendo 64 Controller that comes both Wired and Wireless. The charming chubbiness of the controller is surprisingly comfortable to hold, with a very responsive analogue stick. The Price gap for UK Consumers between the two makes both options viable. Meanwhile our American friends may as well just order a Wireless one as listed as our Number 1 as it is a better product and works out at 50 cents cheaper!

1.Retro-Bit Tribute 64 Wireless

The Top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021

Price: £34.99/$39.99

Retro-Bit Tribute 64 Wireless controller is our overall favourite Nintendo 64 Controller on the market. As explained on the wired controller summary, the compact design is elegant, unique and surprisingly comfortable to control. With the Price comparison between the wired and Wireless editions, there is no reason not to opt for the wireless option if you are an American citizen!

The Top 5 N64 Controllers of 2021: The Conclusion

It is incredible that after 25 years, the N64 is still a popular choice among gamers. Resulting in all these companies coming up with revolutionary methods that people can enjoy the N64 Platform. Remember, if you would rather use any of these controllers on an N64 Emulator like Project64, Be sure to check out our guide on “how to use a Nintendo 64 Controller on a N64 Emulator” What is your favourite controller from our list?

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