Fight Crab Nintendo Switch Review – Everything You Need To Know

Fight Crab Nintendo Switch Review – Everything You Need To Know

Fight Crab is a chaotic fighting game in which clumsy weapon flailing and infuriating mechanics are all part of the fun. It has been created by Calappa Games and releases to Switch on September 15th. Find out if it’s worth buying in our Fight Crab Nintendo Switch Review

The game is somewhat similar in mechanics to Super Smash Bros. The game, instead of a conventional health bar, uses a percentage system that increases as the crab takes damage. Once the bar exceeds 100%, the Crabs’ balance becomes increasingly more difficult to control. The winning crab is crowned when the loser rolls onto it’s back for 3 seconds or falls off of the map.



Fight Crab doesn’t take itself too seriously. The player chooses from a vast array of weapons and launches into a scathing attack on a retaliating rival crab. In a battle of wit, tactical awareness and outright button mashing.

The game offers up so much in terms of raw enjoyable gameplay. The controls are quite hard to get used to but that is all part of the fun. You will start off finishing the tutorial exactly where you started, mashing buttons and hoping you out damage the opposition. But eventually, you will get used to the controls and will find yourself… Still mashing buttons and hoping you damage the opposition but in a more educated manner.

There is a quick play feature, where you pick a crab and just fight it out with your weapons of choice. Either with a friend in a 2v2, against him in a 1v1 or against the CPU.

How to play Fight Crab offline multiplayer?

offline Multiplayer can be experienced on Fight Crab immediately through versus. Or through the campaign, once player 1 has unlocked the partner crab. This crab can either be controlled by Player 2 or by the CPU.

Is Fight Crab family friendly?

absolutely. The game, despite its usage of weapons, Contains no gore. There is also no killing going on in the game, the winner is determined by flipping the opposition crabs onto their backs.

The outcome of a fight throughout the campaign is decided on Stat progression just as much as it is on player skill. A huge portion of the game is spent button-mashing regardless of skill level. And although youngsters may take longer to get used to the controls, it certainly isn’t out of reach.

Fight Crab Nintendo Switch Review

If you are against the usage of weapons, even when implemented for parody reasons, then give it a miss. But if your concerns are solely on violence and gore, then this game is perfectly suitable for youngsters.


The campaign is where the main focus of the game lies, Each map has a number of stages which you will need to clear in order to progress. Earning the games currency, new maps, new difficulties, new playable crabs, new weapons and new ultimates along the way.

The normal difficulty is incredibly unchallenging throughout, entertaining at first but becomes pretty tedious towards the end. This playthrough is primarily there to unlock all of the goodies the game has to offer.

Fight Crab throws in a fantastic RPG style curveball into the fray, allowing the player to upgrade certain stats. seemingly unnecessary at first, But once you begin your second playthrough on the harder difficulties, you will want to make sure that your crabs are beefed up enough to handle the difficulty spike.

The game offers a number of extra difficulties, Hard, Crabby 1, Crabby 2 and Crabby 3. With the last level being an incredibly tough challenge. One that a well-geared crab and perfect run are absolutely vital for.


Fight Crab, for me at least, is best experienced with friends. The Versus mode is available for 2-player immediately, but the campaign this opens up slightly later following on from the discovery of a partner crab that fights by your side, player 2 takes controls of this crab.

The customization of the campaign coop extends on to player 2, you can use your funds to improve the partner crab just like you can your own, This includes buying from the whole arsenal of weapons and crabs to tailor to player 2’s desired playstyle.

Unfortunately during my time with the review copy, I was unable to find an online match to assess the stability of its online. So I can’t comment on the online capabilities as of yet.


The graphics in Fight Crab are plentiful yet masterfully designed. Vast amounts of crabs, weapons, maps available to be unlocked. The game opts for a realistic design, and to some extent, the physics follows suit.

The maps are incredibly varied, not just in design but also in layout, creatively tailoring in artistic irony. For example – A sumo ring style map(small circle arena) that takes place on a dinner table.

The weapons are plentiful, and again all add great laughs for the player to experience, knives, guns, Rockets, Drills, Bikes and even Seals are part of the arsenal available for purchase.


I take my hat off to the creators of Fight Crab, Japanese developer calappa games have laid all the cards on the table for the game’s release onto Switch. With the games incredible amount of weapons, crabs, and colour schemes available in-game. All of these are available to unlock through time spent in-game. They are not acquired (nor are they available) through microtransactions.

In an age where corporate greed bogs down the gaming industry, It is great to see a company that isn’t willing to pull the wool over the consumers’ eyes.

Fight Crab Nintendo Switch Review Conclusion

To conclude this Fight Crab review, Fight Crab is truly a masterpiece, Every aspect of the game is solid, the sound, gameplay, graphics, physics, controls – They all are done to an incredible standard. The game offers a huge laugh due to the crab themed action, but also adds in that serious grind element and RPG progression that will keep you hooked.

The game’s skill ceiling isn’t set high, making the game suitable for all ages. You can progress through the game on virtually any difficulty assuming your crab is statted highly enough.

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