FIFA 21 – The Best FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide!

FIFA 21 – The Best FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide!

With FIFA 21’s release just around the corner, The masses are sitting on the edge of their seat, hotly anticipating the release of FIFA’s EA Play early access release tomorrow. But with it only offering 10 hours of game time, people are treating it like gold dust. Find out how to earn a substantial amount early doors in our FIFA 21 Ultimate team Coin Making Guide!

The good news for these people, is we at AIR Entertainment are here to help! We are going to list the best and easiest way early game to make money. No skill required, no risk involved. Just a consistent form of income. Better yet, all of this can be done through the WebApp, leaving you to use your 10 hours of game time to play the game how you want!


How to Earn Coins on Fifa 21

The reason this method is so good for the early game is that high-end sniping just isn’t possible, due to everyone possessing a low budget. This method focuses more on quantity, and less about quality. Ensuring safe returns and no risk.

With that said, let’s jump in with our most effortless FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Money Making Guide!

Step 1 – Set your search filter like so

Fifa 21 Ultimate team money making guide

Please note – This is the price at the very launch of the Web App. You want to first assess what the market is like before doing this.

First, you want to check what the Buy it now market is looking like, to do this you set the filter of “maximum bid” and establish the point where the closest card to expiring is 30 minutes+ this means that cards at this price usually get bought quickly. Unfortunately at the launch of the web app the Buy it now is incredibly low. This will rise.

Fifa 21 ultimate team mass bid method

So based on the buy it now of 450. I need to work out how much I can afford to spend and earn a profit. to do this, you take the card price and add 5%. so if I was to spend 400+20 tax = 420. I’d get 30 profit. unfortunately, that isn’t worth the time. So I’m going to set my filters to mass bid as detailed in the next section.

Step 2 – Mass Bid on all items that are under or on the Maximum Bid Until your watch pile is full

So now I’ve established that 350 is a good number to bid on. and I will sell them for 450 each. This will work out to a total of 78 coins profit per card flip. And this method earns the profit through quantity over quality.

for example – I bid on 50 cards at 350, I win 30 out of the 50.

30×78=2340 profit for 10 minutes of work. And this is at a point where the low-end market is bogged under. Last year I was still wining bids for 350 and flipping them for in excess of 700 coins. I predict this will work this year too.

So this is a nice healthy batch, out of about 30-35 bids I won 22 of them. Admittedly 90% of the cards were Phil Jones. But as long as he helps me turn a healthy profit I don’t mind.

Step 3 – Go and send all the winning bids to the transfer list

This can go one of 2 ways, You can do what I do and just set them all at the lowest BIN(Buy It Now) to ensure a fast sell, allowing you to repeat the process as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can seive through the cards for any higher value cards that slipped through. Sell all the worthless ones for a lower price, and compare price for those you suspect to be worth a bit more.

You also don’t necessarily have to match the lowest BIN if you are okay with doing a slower sell. It’s entirely down to you. My approach is solely focused on quantity over quality.

Step 5 – Rinse and repeat. Watching the money pour in

FIFA 21 Ultimate team Coin Making Guide!

Thanks for reading this guide, any questions don’t hesitate to comment below. Remember the market will fluctuate heavily from day to day, especially up until the release. Hold on to your valuable players, and don’t try and flip higher-end cards. People won’t be able to afford the really high numbers and you will end up selling a high-value card for a steal bid price.

Hope you have enjoyed our FIFA 21 Ultimate Team money making guide. Good luck and happy trading!

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