5 Cheap Minecraft Christmas Gifts 2021 You Won’t Regret![UK]

5 Cheap Minecraft Christmas Gifts 2021 You Won’t Regret![UK]

Listing the absolute best Cheap Minecraft Christmas gifts 2021 – Minimum cost, maximum fun!

With Christmas soon approaching, people are rushing around looking for the best gift ideas to give to their loved ones on the big day. and with that comes the complications of shopping blind for people that have tastes worlds apart from our own. But that is why we are here, we have done ridiculous amounts of research in an attempt to find the best Minecraft gifts for your loved ones this Christmas – Better yet, we have ensured that none of the gifts listed will break the bank! So whether you are looking for fun games, educational materials or just stocking fillers. We have you covered!


5. Minecraft Top Trumps

Price: £5.95

‘The Independent and Unofficial guide to Minecraft Top Trumps’ is essentially Top Trumps’ attempt at transforming the best-selling video game into their own format. Playable with 2 or more players, each player must select a category of which their card excels, with the player holding the higher score of that format taking both cards and adding them to their deck – in an attempt to collect all 30 cards from the deck.

This is not only a great purchase due to Top Trumps’ popularity with kids and adults alike, but it is also a gift that doesn’t require any Minecraft knowledge to appreciate. Who know’s, it could possibly even teach you a thing or two about the game!

4. Minecraft Uno Card Game

Price: £7.83

Another game, like Top Trumps, that’s age surpasses that of Minecraft – allowing for the game to be appreciated by people of all ages and tastes. The cards are incredibly stylish, fun and packed with charm. If Minecraft isn’t something you are intom but Uno is, this gift could also act as a smartly disguised little treat for yourself too!

3.100 PICS Unofficial And Independent Minecraft Guide – Travel Card Game, Pocket Puzzles For Kids And Adults

Price: £9.99

Don’t be fooled by the incredibly long and complicated product name, 100 Pics Unofficial and Independent Minecraft Guide is an incredibly simple game to get the hang of. A deck of 100 cards slot inside of the case shown above, revealing a minecraft related picture of interest, the player has to identify what they are looking at using nothing more than what they see, an image and a jumbled up series of letters. A great game for children who are working on improving their spelling as any image they can’t identify will have to be identified through the series of letters!

2. LEGO Minecraft The End Battle Collectible Toy

Price: £19.00

If you are buying for somebody who is into Lego, ‘The End Battle Collectible Toy’ is the Lego toy to grab. Boasting a buildable Ender Dragon, allows the Minecraft enthusiast to live out their experience taking on the incredibly difficult Ender Dragon through the magic of toys! at £19, this is one of the more expensive items on this list, due to it being an expensive Lego product, it is unavoidable. There are cheaper Lego Minecraft options, But I selected this one due to the Ender Dragons’ immense popularity worldwide -Making it more than worth your time parting with the extra couple of quid.

1. Minecraft: Into the Game – The Woodsword Chronicles Collection

Cheap Minecraft Christmas Gifts 2021

Price: £12.49

Minecraft: Into the Game – The Woodsword Chronicles Collection, is a 4 part series of books that is incredibly popular with children. It has an average star rating of 5* on Amazon(with 480 ratings) and with good reason. The book is enjoyable for people of all ages and incredibly educational for children due to it not shying away from using rather complex words.

Every page is different, a huge collection of images included page to page to compliment the childs imagination as to what is happening, as well as a wide range of magical font types to really have the words jump out of the page. The amazon store allows you to sample the book, so if you would like to check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed. The sample piece can be conveniently accessed through our affiliated “Check it out on Amazon!” link!

Costing only £12.49 this is an absolute must for any parent looking for Minecraft-related things to buy their child for Christmas time!

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