How to Stop Enemies From Spawning In Your Valheim Base

How to Stop Enemies From Spawning In Your Valheim Base

Surefire Methods as discovered by the Valheim community that you can use to keep enemies out. We provide you with all you need to know on how to stop enemies from spawning in your valheim base!

Are you the sort of player, like us, that has created a dedicated server for all of their friends to create one huge Viking community on Valheim? If this is the case then at one point or another you would have discovered that keeping enemies out is a huge issue in Valheim. So read on to find out how to stop Enemies from spawning in your Valheim base!


What is Valheim

Valheim is a Norse inspired Viking survival game. explore a pre-generated world in search of numerous biomes and bosses for you to bring to their knees. Pair up with up to 9 other players on a dedicated server in order to build a community. Think Minecraft – But Vikings.

The Workbench Method

how to stop enemies from spawning in your valheim base

This Method involves placing covered workbenches around the town so that there isn’t even the slightest area without workbench coverage. Even the smallest gap in the coverage can result in enemies spawning in.

To find areas where coverage is needed, equip a wall piece using the hammer and go around until you are unable to build in a particular area. Rinse and repeat until your whole Valheim town has total coverage. Can also be combined with the Ward Method below for extra insurance.

The Ward Method

The Ward Method works much like the workbench method, and as a result. Can be done alongside. Simply build a ward so that it covers every last inch of your base. add everyone so that they have building access around the area and the ward serves only to drive the pesky Greydwarfs away.

The Hoedown

For this method to work, you have to use the Hoe tool to level the entire town. You don’t need to actually get the whole town flat. You just have to make sure there is no grass left in the town that things will spawn at. This method has had mixed results within the community. And although you can work around making this look good late game. Early game this will cause unavoidable eyesores within the town.

The Wolf Taming Method

This is a late-game option for many as wolves are very tough enemies, tame a wolf from the mountains and allow it to roam around your town. It will protect it from any enemies that have spawned in. Doesn’t prevent spawning, but it does make sure they can’t run around causing havoc.

How to Tame a Wolf

lead a wolf into a pen and box it in, throw it some meat and leave it alone. Keep doing this until it has tamed. If you get a second they can also mate to make more. Once it has tamed, get rid of your pen so that it will have free roam around the town.


Please note that all of these methods have had varying results for people, where one method has worked for some. It has not worked for others. So it is best to go through the methods, one at a time until you are no longer experiencing spawning issues.

one thing is for certain, The spawning issue is a fairly big nuisance in the game and is something that the developers should create a surefire solution. Nothing is more disheartening than spending hours on defenses. Only for trolls to then spawn in the town that you have worked so hard to fortify.

Have you used a different method than what is listed here, be sure to leave a comment talking us through your method!

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