Cloud Gardens Review(PC) – Ultimate Post Apocalyptic ASMR

Cloud Gardens Review(PC) – Ultimate Post Apocalyptic ASMR

Cloud Gardens is the game that we didn’t know we needed, a post-apocalyptic gardening experience, thinly disguised as a puzzle game. Is it worth getting? Find out in our Cloud Gardens review



I’m going to admit, when I first tried Cloud Gardens I really didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t understand how the winning criteria was met. And I was just left restarting a level pondering what I possibly did wrong. but for the sake of the Cloud Gardens review, I stuck with it.

over time I realised that the purpose of the game is to put decorations around the plot of land, which pings out, causing plants and trees within its radius to grow, eventually presenting you with produce that can be picked to obtain more seeds. Rinse and repeat until the level completes.

The Puzzles are decent enough, and they are prerequisite in order to unlock everything that can be used in your end-game sandbox of gardening fun. They eventually do grow quite tedious, but not mundane enough for you to close it down and look elsewhere.

Cloud Gardens Review

The game really picks up when you transition over to the sandbox mode, You can make some beautiful looking scenery, all this chaotic beauty rammed on top of an incredibly satisfying plot of post-apocalyptic land in the sky.

The game as a whole aims to achieve a sense of tranquillity, There is no pressure, no expectation. Something to take your mind off of the outside world. It’s so easy to find yourself progressing through, all the while lost in thought.

Sandbox Mode

It is in the sandbox mode that the game was truly designed to be enjoyed. You select the size of your plot of land, add your decorations and plants and watch your own garden in the sky come alive!


The graphics on Cloud Gardens aren’t exceedingly great, but nor are they anything to be criticised. They’ve picked an aesthetic and they’ve remained consistent.

Although the graphics of individual assets aren’t anything to preach about. Once you combine it all into the setting of each individual level. It leaves a level of beauty that possibly couldn’t have been achieved with a different art style.


There isn’t a story to Cloud Gardens as such. so to rate this poorly on our Cloud Gardens Review would be unfair. So instead I will label the Stage progression as the story, and assess it on that basis.

So the stage progression is set in 3 (and a bit) different chapters; Highways, The Junkyard, Rooftops and the GreenHouse(Preview).

The difficulty does gradually increase somewhat. But there was never a level that I felt was unachievable. No level filled me with resent for ever choosing to play the game, a feat that is rare in most games.

The idea is, after every level you complete, you will unlock new decorations and flowers that can be used in sandbox mode. Upon completing the game, You will have a vast assortment of options available for you to use at your pleasure.

It is just a pleasurable experience. The Story is decent in length, the levels hugely varied. You progress through the game in order to work on your own miniature landscape, essentially you are creating your own story, let your imagination run wild!


The sound on the game is almost an ASMR experience, a soothing breeze noise plays, accompanied by the cawing of crows, further added to by the sound of waves in the distance. If meditation was a game, It would be called Cloud Gardens.


To conclude this Cloud Gardens Review. Developer Noio has done a fantastic job at bringing an ASMR, almost meditative game to Steam. A very ambitious vision to make work, done to a professional standard. Currently costing £5.79 at the point of asking. Which is most definitely worth every penny.

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Cloud Gardens Review(PC) - Ultimate Post Apocalyptic ASMR

Cloud Gardens is the game that we didn't know we needed, a post apocalyptic gardening experience, thinly disguised as a puzzle game.

Price: 5.79

Price Currency: £

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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