AIR’s Favourite Top 5 PitchYaGame Pitches From Round 5

First of all, let me say we are late to the party on #PitchYaGame. If you don’t know what #PitchYaGame is, it’s a twitter hashtag to help Indie developers be discovered by Publishers, Investors, Press and Players alike. It was founded by @LiamTwose. More information can be found on their website

So let’s jump right into why I’m posting about this. I myself as an Indie developer know how hard it is to be seen in the modern-day of game development and I really wanted to cover all of the games I could from #PitchYaGame.

Unfortunately with over 500 entries on this round alone, I thought it would be best to break it down and select just 5 games from all the amazing entries.

Here are our top 5 PitchYaGame Pitches From Round 5:

  1. LowPolis
  3. Monochrome
  4. Chasing Static
  5. Around


Top 5 PitchYaGame Pitches



LowPolis is a city-building game with strategy and management elements by BroWar Collective. You can play the demo over at As someone who loves city builders, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for the future steam release.

I love city builders and management games but I promised myself I’d only add one to this list. So out of the all the ones pitched, I’ve decided to go with LowPolis.

“LowPolis is a city-building game with strategy and management elements. Friendly pace and balanced learning curve let you take a break. Neat lowpoly graphics will make the game run smooth even on modest computers.”


GALAXI TAXI is a game developed by Indie studio FUMI GAMES.

I couldn’t find much information on GALAXI TAXI but the video did it enough for me to add it here. GALAXI TAXI looks like what would happen if Cartoon Network of the 90s and The Magic School Bus had a child.


Sticking with the cartoon we jump back to the 1920s Monochrome.
Monochrome is an RPG where you play as “Otto is a quick-witted, highly talented aspiring hero” saving Vaudeville from The Bleak Barons.

You can support Otto and his developers on Kickstarter October 27th. Click the link below to be notified of its launch:

I personally love the old-style cartoon games and for me, this is one I shall be watching as it develops over time.

Chasing Static

Chasing Static is a PS1 inspired psychological horror narrative-driven adventure by Sick Chicken Studios. You can wishlist Chasing static now on steam:
This is another game that I will keep an eye on and have added it to my wishlist for a future review.


Around is an Adventure Game developed by Primal Game Studio.

I love the art style of this game which is the main reason I chose it.

These are just a few of the games that caught my eye. I’d have loved to add more games to this list and maybe I’ll do a follow up to this list just before round 6 of #PitchYaGame.

I will also hopefully post a trailer of my game for the next #PitchYaGame. You can follow me on Twitter @PeaHeadGames or follow us here at Air on @airentertain777.

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