Rustler Horsin’ Around Guide

Rustler Horsin’ Around Guide


Rustler Horsin’ Around Guide introduction

Horsin’ around is the introductory mission to Rustler (Grand Theft Horse). In this quest you will learn the basics of the game, including combat, horse riding, shaking wanted levels and completing basic jobs for money. Find out how to flawlessly complete all objectives in our Rustler Horsin’ around guide!

Rustler Introduction Song Lyrics

Look, if there was a lowborn guy, named guy
and he would be the toughest medieval motherfucker
makin’ trouble with his homie buddies,
would you wanna hear his story?
or just kick some ass yo
his head is bold eyes are red
he’s always staring
he never speaks a lot to others
always weighing his words
and he doesn’t give a sheep
He’s quick to kick you to the curb
What a lowborn peasant
Makin his own presents
but it might go on pleasant
so watch for his very Presence
Make haste my friends
better give him a quest
He’s a rustler that’s a fact
So robbing’s what he does best

Rustler Horsin’ around Dialogue

Guy: Bloody hell… my head…
Guy: Seems I’ve made a fucking mess when I was drunk.
Guy: Okay, you got this.
Guy: Just walk, right foot, left foot, right, left, right, left…
*Complete objective – Remind yourself how to walk*
Guy: I need some Booze. One sip. Or five. Why is it so loud here…
*complete objective – Pick up the bottle*
Peasant: There you are, fool! You think putting a cow on a roof is funny, huh?! I’LL SHOW YOU FUNNY!!!
Guy: … You have no idea how LOUDLY you just signed your death sentence.
*Complete objective – Beat up the peasant*
Guy: That’s what you get for being too loud.
Guy: Shit, I’m late for the meeting with boss.
*Complete objective – Press F to mount the horse*
Guy: Don’t throw up, don’t throw up…
*Complete objective – Ride to the meeting*
Boss: Guy, you plastered idiot, you’re late.
Guy: I just had some… Personal Difficulties.
Boss: Yeah, sure, personal difficulties standing straight. Buddy’s hungover too.
Boss: I don’t have time for this shit.
Boss: I want you to steal a horse of a certain knight staying in the town’s inn.
Boss: Repaint it in Pimp a Horse and deliver to Buddy’s shed.
*Complete objective – Steal the knight’s horse.*
Knight: Hey! That’s my horse, you maggot!
Guy: Not anymore.
*Complete Objective – Ride through Pimp a horse*
Guy: Woah, that was quick.
Pimp-A-Horse man: It’s-a no problem! You ever want to lose the guards, come to us. A quick repaint will solve everything.
*Complete Objective – Bring the stolen horse to buddy*
Buddy: Well, if it isn’t the drunken master!
Guy: Shhhh… Don’t yell, for fuck’s sake.
Buddy: Still hung over? I’ve helped myself with a splendid bottle of mead.
Buddy: Anyway, that horse that you just brought – look what I found in it’s saddle bag…
Buddy: It’s an invitation to the Grand Tournament!
Guy: Too bad I can’t read.
Buddy: You don’t have to read to know you can win half of the kingdom and hot princess’ hand in that tournament.
Guy: Yeah, but it’s only for blue-blooded pussies. We’re no nobles.
Buddy: Unless…
Buddy: I have an idea. Meet me tomorrow and we’ll figure something out.
*Complete objective – Go home to save the game.*
Mom: Stop Right there!
Mom: You’re out drinking like it’s king’s birthday and you think you can just come home and have a nice little sleep?!
Mom: The field won’t plow itself!
Guy: Jeez, mom, don’t shout…
*Complete Objective – Get on the plowing cart*
*Complete objective – Press E to start Plowing*

Guy: Ah, screw this. It’s good enough.
Guy: I really need some sleep.
*Complete objective – Go home to save the game (now for real)*
** Mission End**

Remind yourself how to walk (Using WASD)

Easy enough to do, do as he instructed in the dialogue, hit any of the keyboard’s WASD keys.

Pick up the bottle.

Rustler Pick up the bottle

The bottle can be found just south of the starting location. follow the guidance arrow towards the bottle with the green aura.

Beat up the peasant

The easiest way to beat the peasant up is to counter his punches. When he starts his flurry of punches. Hold in the right mouse button just before he strikes. You will then get an attack of opportunity as you parry him away.

Rustler beat up the peasant

Alternatively, whilst he is blocking. Simply run up to him and hold in the left mouse button to launch a heavy attack, which will penetrate through his guard and knock him to the floor

Press F to mount the horse (or pay respects).

The horse can be found at the south east point of the village, as indicated via the map and waypoint. Simply head on over to it and press ‘F’. To mount… Not to pay respects…

Ride to the meeting (Press M to show the map)

Rustler Ride to the meeting

As instructed, press M to show the map and head on over to the flag. You can also follow the yellow guidance arrow for this. Though the guidance arrow shows the direct route. leading you through obstacles and ignoring impassable walls.

If you took damage in the previous fight, I’d recommend taking the pie before setting out on the next objective. This will recover your health. Be aware of the fighting guys. If they hit you they will hurt. You can also wait for the fight to finish to take the dropped gold from the loser.

Once this is done, head on up to the objective indicated in the picture by the yellow circle.

Steal the knight’s horse.

Rustler steal the knights horse
The horse

Head out to the east, just outside the castle walls you will find a small residential area where the Inn is located. as marked on the map.

The moment you jump on the horse the medieval police will be a hootin’ and tootin’ so make sure you are ready for the chase to the Pimp a horse – Which is indicated by the paintbrush on the map. and at the south of the image. I’d advise moving onto the next stage of the guide before jumping on the horse so that you know the route to take as the paintbrush is currently in the incorrect place on the map. (Think it’s a bug)

*Tip – On Rustler, Weapons can be found scattered around the map. Alternatively, they can be looted from bodies.

Ride through Pimp a horse to lose the chase.

Rustler ride through pimp a horse

follow this route into the pimp a horse, stick to the road, but watch out for horses, horse and carts and police along the route. Watch for the arrow changing to a more westerly direction to establish which junction to turn off at. alternatively, just remember that it is the 2nd left turn where it forks off in 2 seperate directions.

The building is in the middle, simply ride your horse into the barn and you’d of shaken the police.

Bring the stolen horse to Buddy.

Follow the road to the north and then left, simples…

rustler bring the stolen horse to buddy

ride the horse into the building and it will initiate a cut scene.

Go home to save the Game

rustler go home to save the game

Your home is just to the east of where you speak to Buddy. You can head straight east. no need to hit the road. You will need to speak to your mom who is indicated by a green circle.

Get on the plowing cart

Just head south from your mom’s location and press F to jump on the Plowing cart.

Rustler plowing

Press E to start Plowing

press E and do laps of the field until Guy has had enough. (Usually 1 and a bit laps does it.)

Go home to save the game (Now for real).

Again, just head back to to point that you spoke to your mom moments prior.

Rustler Horsin' around guide

Congratulations on completing your first quest! now press K to open up your skills menu and spend your points!

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