Rustler High Season Guide

Rustler High Season Guide


Rustler High Season Guide Introduction

High season is the second Mission on Rustler (Grand Theft Horse). Learn how to use a crossbow and head off for your first kill! Bodies are in high demand, take your prized kill to the gravedigger and say no more! Find out how to complete this mission in our Rustler High Season Guide!

Rustler High Season Dialogue

Buddy: Guy, what if I told you that you might take part in the big tournament?
Guy: You sound like a merchant. A bad one.
Buddy: Look, you’re the toughest motherfucker in the kingdom, so I know you would win with those pathetic knights.
Buddy: I’m working on a plan. But first, better meet with the boss, he was looking for you. Seemed urgent.
Buddy: Find me later by the bridge. And use a torch – it’s damn dark out here today.
*Complete Objective – Press left ctrl to change weapon mode*
*Complete Objective – Ride to Herb*
Herb: I’ve got a job for you.
Herb: I want you to deal with another knight. He camps in the nearby woods. Kill him.
Guy: Is there a high season for knights?
Herb: Mind your business, guy. Here, for this one you might need something more than your fists.
*Complete Objective – Shoot three dummies with the crossbow*
Herb: Great, you killed the dummies. Now kill the knight.
Herb: My people placed a cart for the body near his camp. Take it to the gravedigger.
*Complete Objective – Kill the knight.*
Guy: Okay, this has to be him.
Squire: Hey! Bugger off!
Squire: I warn you, mister! D-don’t come any closer!
Squire: Begone, thug
Knight: What the…?! You just killed my squire!
Guy: If it makes you feel any better, I actually wanted to kill you.
*Complete Objective – Kill the real knight.*
Guy: I need a cart to transport the body.
*Complete Objective – Take the cart*
*Complete objective – Collect the Knights body*
Guy: Okay, let’s get this to the gravedigger.
*Complete objective – Take the body to the gravedigger*
Gravedigger: Damn, what a fine body you have here! So fresh and lifeless…
Gravedigger: Same as always? Bury and forget?
Guy: And don’t ask questions.
Gravedigger: S-sure. And if you want some extra money, hop on a body cart and bring me more corpses.
**Mission End**

Press Left Ctrl to change weapon mode (In this case stick into a torch)

Goes without saying really, hit that Ctrl button!

Ride to Herb

Rustler change weapon

Herb can be found just south-east of the missions start point, just outside the Pimp-a-horse. Jump on your horse and head down!

Shoot three dummies with the crossbow(Hold RMB to aim and stand still to reload)

rustler shoot three dummies with the crossbow

The dummies are located just above you. white scarecrows with targets painted on. Simply shoot all of the targets to progress.

Kill the knight.

Rustler kill the knight

The knight is located in the forest, follow the north-east road until you hit the junction and then continue on through the passing in the trees until you have sight of what appears to be a knight.(highlighted) you can either approach him to first talk to him. or outright shoot him.

Tip: I’d recommend using your crossbow on horseback when you are able to do so. when on foot, you must stand still in order to reload. On horseback you can flee or even slowly back away.

Kill the real knight

This knight has a shield. You can either kite him around (lead him chasing you) while on horseback, shooting away at his shield. Or you can lead him up to the campfire, and stand there shooting him from the other side of it. like pictured.

Rustler kill the real knight

Take the cart.

Rustler take the cart.

Loot the bodies, take the quiver (arrows) from just north of the tent and head on up to retrieve the cart that has been left for you. Pressing F to get in

Collect the knights body (Just ride through it, don’t be shy).

Rustler collect the knights body.

As the objective suggests, Head back down south to the tent. and roll over the knights body. nothing more should be needed. your cart will automatically be loaded with his body on contact.

Take the body to the gravedigger

Rustler take the body to the gravedigger

The gravedigger is located just south of the north-west cities walls. just turn off at the road immediately outside the southern castle gates and follow it along. Ride onto the orange circle to wrap the quest up.

Rustler High Season Guide

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