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Genshin Impact Levelling Guide – Guaranteed Fastest Way to Reach Adventure Rank 16!

Views: 1,633 So you’ve finally got into Genshin Impact’s beautiful world of Teyvat. You just want to experience the game with your friend, but unfortunately, you’ve found out that both of you need to reach level 16 to do so. Don’t threat, we are going to teach you the most efficient way to reach level 16 as fast as...[Read More]

Genshin Impact Verifying Issues/Stuck on Verifying – How to Fix!

Views: 27,633 NOTE: Genshin Impact 1.2 update! If you cant find the zip file search in the Genshin Impact install folder for “GenshinImpact_1.2.0” unzip this file and then restart the launcher. Join our Discord CLICK HERE If you, like many, have caught wind of the incredibly slick New Open World Anime RPG. You’ve downloa...[Read More]

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