Top 5 Games Similar to Minecraft That Must be Played 2020!

Top 5 Games Similar to Minecraft That Must be Played 2020!

There is no mystery as to why Minecraft has lead such a long, prosperous life. But I assume the fact that you are here is that you want to try something the different, but not too different.

We are listing our top 5 games similar to Minecraft. games that at their core are based on survival, construction and crafting. They are similar enough to be justifyably compared with Minecraft, but unique enough to offer a fresh experience for enthusaiasts of the surival genre.


5. The Survivalists

Number of Players (Local)1-4
Number of Players (Online)1-4
Xbox, Switch
Cost$24.99 (Steam)
initial release date8th Oct, 2020

The survivalists is a brand new survival game brought to you by the creators of The Escapists. You are essentially trapped on an island with up to 3 friends. You explore the island, craft equipment, Build camp sites, Houses even towns!

4. Terraria

Top 5 games similar to Minecraft
Number of Players (Local)1-2 (Console Only)
Number of Players (Online)1-8 Players
PlatformsPS4, Xbox One,
PC, Switch, 360,
PS3, Android,
iOS, 3DS,wiiU
Cost$9.99 (Steam)
initial release dateMay 16, 2011

Terraria is a very close similarity to Minecraft, often regarded as Minecraft in 2D form. Though simpler in design, you can argue that Terraria is much more focused on the monster hunting and RPG elements than Minecraft is.

The devs are currently working on Terraria 2 so there isn’t really much in terms of new content. But the likeness in game still makes this a leading candidate if you hadn’t already tried it out!

3. Ark: Survival Evolved

Number of Players (Local)1-2 Players
Number of Players (Online)1-140 Players
PlatformsPS4, Xbox, PC
Switch, Android
Cost$49.99 (Steam)
initial release dateJune 2, 2015

Ark has come a long way since it was first released into early access in July of 2015. To this day it still possesses a loyal and passionate fanbase. Craft weapons and equipment, Build fortresses, tame dinosaurs, level up in your own unique world or join a server filed with other like-minded players!

2. Starbound

Number of Players (Local)1-4
Number of Players (Online)1-10+
Platforms –Xbox One, PC
initial release dateJul 22, 2016

Starbound is comparable to Terraria in a space setting. If a strong storyline is your thing, then Starbound compliments this desire while at the same time still accomodating the survival game that sits firmly at the games roots.

The Bounty Hunter update was added June 13th, 2019. Proving that this title is far from finished. It is yet unknown if there will be any more content in the future of if the Bounty Hunter update was the last one.

1. Subnautica

Number of Players (Local)1
Number of Players (Online)None
Platforms –Xbox, PS4
PC, Switch
initial release dateSep 16, 2014

Subnautica takes you along a breathtaking single-player adventure. swimming the depths of a mysterious unknown ocean, you will have to scan the depths to unveil the vast amounts of marine life that the ocean has to offer. Along the way, upgrading your gear and making a place you can call home using materials gathered from your time scouring the waters.

Once you’ve finished subnautica, why not make a start on it’s sequel, Subnautica: Below Zero!

Top 5 Games Similar to Minecraft – The Conclusion

Thanks for reading our Top 5 games similar to Minecraft list! These are just 5 of the games that we feel are worthy rivals to the infamous enigma that is Minecraft. If there are any games that you feel should have made this top 5 list then feel free to comment below!

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