The Absolute 6 Best Grand Theft Auto Games of All time!

The Absolute 6 Best Grand Theft Auto Games of All time!

Here at AIR Entertainment, we have grown up on Grand Theft Auto titles, so we are now sharing our love by breaking down the absolute BEST Grand Theft Auto Games of all time! from the top-down Playstation 1 games to the amazing sunlit beaches of GTA 5’s Los Santos. The game has certainly come along way. I also feel that handheld consoles deserve some love too – so unlike other lists, I am going to include handheld versions in this list. Join us as we go through the very best games released by Rockstar Games!


6. GTA:Vice City Stories

Best Grand theft auto games of all time

Set two years before Tommy Vercetti arrives in Vice City. You play ex-corporal Victor “Vic” Vance trying to raise money for medication for his sick brother Pete, with a story and cast to rival the main series, Vice City Stories is in our top six. The main cast features some returning actors such as Gary Busey (Phil Cassidy) and Danny Trejo (Umberto Robina) and a new gang mechanic including building a drug empire which sadly we never saw on this scale again in a GTA game.

5. GTA 2


Grand Theft Auto 2 had one of the best intro movies of any game I remember at the time – It felt at the time like a leap above the original GTA with its gang respect system and its vehicle modification’s including duel machine guns! This nostalgia mixed with the solid gameplay places GTA 2 in 5th place on our ‘Best Grand Theft Auto Games of all time!’ list!

4. GTA 4


GTA 4 was our first dip into what Rockstar could achieve in an HD universe. And certainly asserted its dominance on the evolving gaming market. With incredible characters, gameplay, storylines and voice acting to boot. Grand Theft Auto IV stamps it’s placed firmly into the number 4 GTA title of all time.

3. GTA 5


although Rockstar has dumped the single-player DLC for online content, GTA 5 is without a doubt one of the best looking games of its generation and will look even better with the upcoming rerelease on next-gen consoles. Nobody can deny the beauty of GTA 5 and the amazing acting from the cast which also features one of my top protagonist Trevor Philips – voice by the awesome Steven Ogg.

2. GTA Vice City


Grand Theft Auto Vice City was the first GTA to have voice acting. which I believe made Tommy Vercetti (Ray Liotta) one of GTA’s most loved protagonists. With solid gameplay, a gripping story and a vast business building empire sandbox. GTA Vice cities huge replayability puts it in at number 2 on our Best Grand Theft Auto Games of all-time list.

1. GTA San Andreas


GTA San Andreas was probably one of the most advanced GTAs to date. It had a weight gain system, hunger system, a gang system a great cast of voice actors, a larger map than any GTA had ever seen before… The list goes on. in addition, who with a PC didn’t spend hours playing the unofficial multiplayer with servers such as LSRP (Los Santos Roleplay)?

6 Best Grand Theft Auto Games Final thoughts

We’d love to see mechanics from San Andreas and Vice City Stories return in a future GTA title with next-gen consoles capabilities. GTA has always lead the charge in setting the benchmark for every AAA title, and we would love to see this extend into a new GTA title for the next generation – Instead of further milking the cash cow that GTA 5 has grown to become.

let us know in the comments your favourite GTA title! Even share your favourite GTA missions of all time, whether it’s one that had you reeling in laughter or one that touched you on a more personal level. We would love to hear it! Thanks for reading our ‘Absolute 6 Best Grand Theft Auto Games of all time!’

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