Dino Crisis returns with new RE3 Remake dinosaur mod

Dino Crisis returns with new RE3 Remake dinosaur mod

If Capcom won’t make it, then modders will: Dino Crisis invades Raccoon City with this new Resident Evil 3 Remake mod.

This new RE3 mod isn’t exactly Dino Crisis, but it’s the next best thing. The Dino Evil 3 mod over at Nexus Mods turns Jill into Regina, complete with signature fiery red hair and machete, and turns every enemy in the game into a dinosaur.

The monster swap, which was made possible by modder FluffyQuack, essentially transforms enemies into hunter betas with a different skin. The dino skin is kinda funny (those huge hips!) but it’s a great effort and we’d try it out if we had RE3 on PC (we reviewed it on PS4).

Fans are still holding out for a Dino Crisis re-release, remaster, or godforbid a full-on remake. But the IP might be the last series Capcom chooses for this kind of dramatic re-envisioning. Resident Evil is Capcom’s best-selling franchise of all time so remakes make sense, but Dino Crisis has only sold 4.4 million copies across 13 releases, just putting it ahead of the old-school classic Ghost n’ Goblins.

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