Gaming Gossip # 01 – Daredevil Game, Sims 5, Hellblade 2? – 17/05/2020

Gaming Gossip # 01 – Daredevil Game, Sims 5, Hellblade 2?  – 17/05/2020

If it’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s the enjoyment of hot gossip. And AIR Entertainment is here to satisfy your gossip needs in regards to the gaming industry. This new episodic series will bring all the gossip from around the world to one place.

In today’s edition of Gaming Gossip. We will discuss a tweet made by the Head of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann. Hinting at the possibility of a Daredevil game. As well as discussing fan speculation about the scheduled releases of The Sims 5 and Hellblade 2!


New Daredevil game in the works?

Rumor: Marvel's Daredevil Game In Development For PlayStation 5 ...

This rumor originated when Troy Baker, famous for his voice acting in many AAA titles (The Last Of Us, Arkham Origins, Death Stranding and Uncharted) got into a Twitter exchange with Bill Rosemann. As shown below.

Upon seeing this, Many jumped to the conclusion that they were making a little inside joke about a game that is in development. Others were more sceptical.

The reasoning behind this assumption was where Bill Rosemann said “A man without fear”. which for those unaware, is a famous alias of Daredevil.

Previous Daredevil Leak

This isn’t the first time Daredevil has been rumoured in the last couple of months, in March there was a similar “Leak” made online, stating –

Marvel is currently working on Daredevil singleplayer narrative-focused game set to release on next-gen consoles in late 2021 or 2022. Current target platforms are PC, Xbox Series X, Playstation 5, and definitely not Switch.

The Game will be set in an open world modern-day Chicago, and to offer a very dark noir-style detective game all focused on melee combat. Combat apparently similar to Arkham and Mad Max, but with some extra cooldown based abilities that are customizable through a skill tree.

There will be an echolocation type mode to activate similar to Arkham Batman’s Detective Mode that during combat will allow for slow motion, and while roaming offers highlighted hints for clues relating to your current mission or open-world available side missions.

I couldn’t get too many details on the story, but the villain is apparently an older, yet new to the game, Bullseye. Meanwhile, it seems Daredevil has been at this for quite some time now.

The map size was compared roughly to the size of a whopping 65mi2, taking full advantage of the next-gen SSD and other hardware capabilities.

It seems however that free roam is only allowed at night, and barely any missions will take place in the day. Similar to Spider-Man PS4, depending on where you are in the story, the open world is at a set weather/time effect.

This previous “leak” was initially shut down by a few due to it being based in Chicago, and not New York, which is where Daredevil is generally set. Others however argued that with Spiderman also being based in New York. For daredevil to work, something would have to change.

One thing is for sure, the concept sounds amazing. And if it were true, it could be the perfect game to lure in the fanbase of the latest Spiderman game.


Some people were more cautious with the validity of this rumour, referring back to a panel show that Troy Baker appeared on where he said how much he’d like for there to be a Daredevil game, and mentioned how much he had pushed this idea onto them.

With these 2 sides taken into account. It is evident that this is most likely an inside joke, the question that is now raised. Is this inside joke an inside joke based around a project that’s underway, or an inside joke based off of how much Troy Baker wants this.

In regards to this rumour I’d say it holds a lot of plausibility, But the fact that there is another possible context that the Tweet can be taken. We can’t say 100% that this is a hint.

Overall Possibility Score – 6.3Logic Score – 3
– Another possible tweet context
Credible Source – 10
+ Straight from the horses mouth
Public Response Score – 5
+ Majority of people bought into it
+ Not the first rumour
– Some doubt expressed.

The Sims 5

This Rumour sparked online after IGN released a “List of Confirmed Series X Games” and listed amongst the games was “The Sims 5”. If this is true, with the mixed reviews that The Sims 4 has received over the years, one can only hope that things improve for The Sims 5.

The listing doesn’t actually state a date of release for the game, Instead just having it on the list, alongside the date “TBA”

This rumour has been met with much resistance. With many people stating that IGN is frequently wrong about this stuff. Mentioning that it is most likely just a placeholder.

unfortunately for this rumour, it holds no merit. And whether true or not. I feel we will have to wait for a more credible source to come out before we can conclude.

Overall Possibility Score –Logic Score – 7
+It’s bound to happen sometime
Credible Source – 2
– IGN has sparked rumours like
this in the past with their
lists. All generally turn
out to be wrong.
Public Response Score – 2
– Many people doubting IGN as a credible

Senua’s Saga: HellBlade 2 Release Date

Traducen la letra que canta Senua en el tráiler de Hellblade 2 ...

This one is unfortunately another IGN sparked rumour. With the games release date being on the same list as “The Sims 5”. This game on the other hand was already announced in December of 2019. This rumor isn’t about the speculation of the game itself, but of the release date of Hellblade 2.

On IGN’s list, the game is apparently set to be released December of 2020. But some fan’s have looked into where this could have possibly come from. Saying that a worker at IGN could have used the speculated release date from an article on google. Using the information as fact on his list.

One thing readers were unanimous about. It was the fact that IGN can’t be trusted with these dates, as they themselves generally don’t know. And the probability is that someone just grabbed the dates from elsewhere.

Overall Possibility Score – 1.66Logic Score – 2
– probable Chinese Whispers
Credible Source – 2
– IGN have been wrong before
Public response Score – 1
– Most people ruled out the credibility


To conclude, whether true or not about a Daredevil game in development. This is certainly something that everybody would love to see! However, with the multiple possible contexts of the tweet. We need to hold on to that excitement for something more concrete.

In regards to the IGN sparked rumors. We can’t use this as a reliable source. They don’t generally have much more information than we do on games due in the distant future. And this is possibly just someone interpreting false information as fact.

we hope you enjoyed the first edition of gaming gossip! Be sure to check back in for our weekly instalments!

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