Bullets Per Minute Review

Bullets Per Minute Review

We spent a few days playing this game for our Bullets Per Minute Review. Awe Interactive launched it for PC on Steam on 15 September 2020. It’s a First-Person Shooter than combines bullet timing with music beats, creating an interesting spin on the genre.

There are so many elements to this game that took us by surprise. While we were excited by the FPS element and the feeling of a Quake environment, there were a few aspects that put us off. Nevertheless, we went ahead with the dungeon shooter to see if it had more to offer.

Which gameplay elements will you like and what weapons are available? Is it easy to pass the levels, and what’s with the huge chicken? Read more about these details in our Bullets Per Minute Review.

Platform reviewed:PC
Release date:15 September 2020
Genre:FPS, Dungeon Shooter
File size25 GB
Developer:Awe Interactive
Publisher:Awe Interactive


Bullets Per Minute Review

For our Bullets Per Minute Review, we discovered that there isn’t really an overarching story in this rogue dungeon FPS game. Yes, you’re a Valkyrie who needs to protect Asgard from the invade assault. However, you won’t really see any plot development.

Alright, so maybe you could if you count defeating seven bosses to reach the final boss. There are also different characters to play as, but the game doesn’t really flesh out their background or relationships. It thrusts you in a random dungeon environment that you must run through and clear for a reward.

When you die, you respawn and can try again. However, the levels are rarely the same. You also have a headquarters of sorts which is your base of operations where you can buy new items and upgrade weapons and abilities.

There’s a bit of strategy involved, we found for our Bullets Per Minute Review. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, while you can add buffs to improve different abilities. You’ll die a lot at the beginning until you can find the right combinations to complete levels.


Bullets Per Minute Review

Several aspects are worth mentioning in the gameplay portion of our Bullets Per Minute Review. The first is the interesting rhythm-timing model for the shooting mechanic. A line with timed beats appears on your screen, and you need to shoot at the right moment or it will trigger a misfire.

You’ll also need to reload manually. Shoot as many times as you want, nothing will happen until you press reload twice. The first time pulls a new mag from, we assume, your belt, and the second time does the actual reloading. A waste of button pressing, but anyway.

You receive some cool abilities later on in the game, but the timed attacking works the same. The demonic creatures don’t appear to follow the same rules, who can attack you whenever they please. Surprisingly, we enjoyed this new take on the FPS genre for our Bullets Per Minute Review.

Each stage plays out as a random dungeon. Clean the area out without dying, and you receive a reward. Be killed, and you’ll start over with a brand new dungeon level.

The keyboard controls are better than using a controller. We tried the controller for our Bullets Per Minute Review, but it failed miserably. The gun kept straying to whichever side you turned to, even if you stopped. We tested a different controller and had the same issue.


Bullets Per Minute Review

If the logo at the top of this Bullets Per Minute Review hurt your eyes, then you won’t enjoy the game’s graphics either. We don’t know why, but the dungeons are either too bright or too red at times. It creates a terrible effect that doesn’t make the levels enjoyable to play.

Not all of the levels are like that, thankfully. The creatures look great, as do the weapons and the dungeon levels. Sometimes we felt there was too much space with not many decorations or items to behold. However, nothing bothered us more than that red glare!


Bullets Per Minute Review

Finally, the sound segment of our Bullets Per Minute Review has arrived. We enjoyed the hard rock music pumping as we blew our enemies away. Your character also has a few select things to say at times, making the audio even more exciting. If anything, the music and sound were the best elements of the game.

Bullets Per Minute Review: Final Verdict

Bullets Per Minute Review

Let’s end this Bullets Per Minute Review with our final thoughts. The rhythm shooter has a lot going for it, giving you a beat to kill to while fighting. Each level has a new random dungeon, whether you win or not. We struggled playing stages that we rich in red hues, but the sound kept us going towards the bosses.

We’re not sure if we’d pay $19.99 for a game like this, but it’s worth buying Bullets Per Minute if you’re crazy about shooters where you go guns blazing to unlock new items. If it had a more detailed story, then maybe we’d continue playing it. For now, we’re pretty much done trying the game out.

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