How to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator!

How to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator!

So you have just downloaded a Nintendo 64 Emulator onto your PC and are now looking through the numerous titles available to you. You then plug in your USB Playstation/Xbox controller and realize that it just feels wrong. You then just ponder for a moment and think to yourself “I wish I knew how to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator!”… Well fear not, because not only are numerous manufacturers still creating new N64 Controllers in 2021 for you to experience the N64 in all its nostalgic glory. There are also routes you can take to get them to fully function on your PC!


How to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator?

How to get an N64 Controller to work on a PC Emulator!

Price – £18.41/$14.95

(Please note – This is an amazon affiliate link, This comes at no extra cost to yourself to purchase. But it means a lot to us! So if you are planning on purchasing this product, and we have helped you. Please help support us by purchasing through this link! Thank you!)

To get an N64 Controller to Work on your PC, you must first purchase a controller adapter, the one pictured is from amazon and costs a total of £18.41/$14.95. The good news is these are very reliable so that once purchased, should last you a lifetime – And they can also be used with your Nintendo Switch!

How to set up a Nintendo 64 Controller adapter?

Setting up a Nintendo 64 Controller adaptor is as easy as plugging the adapter into any USB drive on your PC/Switch. You then plug your Nintendo 64 Controller into the adapter and it should register as a recognized device! Happy gaming!

What are some good Nintendo 64 Controllers to use?

There are a number of great Nintendo 64 controllers still being manufactured today, This is due to the consoles never decreasing popularity! We have compiled a list of the best Nintendo 64 Controllers to use, so why not head on over and check them out!

How to get a Nintendo 64 Controller to work with Project 64?

If you are having a problem with a controller working with Project 64, first try to configure the controller settings whilst you don’t have a ROM loaded, and if that fails – I’d recommend transitioning over and trying it out on another Emulator.


To conclude, all you have to do in order to get a Nintendo 64 controller to work on a PC Emulator is to purchase an adaptor. Though not overly cheap, the life span of such adaptors usually justifies the initial spend. If you have any problems, feel free to head on over to our Discord and ping us some questions! What game are you going to be playing on your Nintendo 64 Emulator?

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