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My Butler Review

Welcome to our My Butler review. The erotic graphic novel released on 18 June 2020 by D3 Publisher. It’s story-driven with a few choices to make as the plot evolves. For the most part, you’ll be reading the saucy dialogue between you and your butler.

It isn’t the first time we’re reviewing titles by D3 Publisher. You may remember the hentai game, Bullet Girl Phantasia, and the horror Disease Hidden Object game. We also have a few more reviews coming for their titles, so stay tuned.

Does My Butler deliver in terms of story? Which exciting elements can you look forward to, and how erotic does it become? Is My Butler worth buying? Find out in our My Butler review below.

Main platform reviewed:Nintendo Switch
Release date:18 June 2020
Genre:Graphic Novel, Erotic
File size563 MB
Developer:Dogenzaka Lab
Publisher:D3 Publisher

My Butler Review: Story

My Butler Review

If you’re a male gamer, then you may feel slightly awkward with our My Butler review. You take the role of a woman who works for her aunt in a talent agency. The catch is that you’ll need to spend three months in her glorious mansion. Terrible, right?

The fun begins when you meet your celebrity butlers. Each one has his own skillset, namely being an actor, model or idol. They all want to take care of you in their own way, but will you let them?

The storyline becomes saucier and more erotic the longer you play. In the beginning, there will be slight teasing and word play. However, you’ll need to make significant decisions that will affect your relationship with each of them.

For our My Butler review, we were initially worried that the story didn’t have much to deliver. Eventually, we became intrigued by the choices available. Inevitably, we always went for the naughtier options. When the game concluded, we were almost sad to see it finish.

My Butler Review: Gameplay

My Butler Review

For our My Butler review, we want to point out again that it’s a visual novel game. You will spend 95% of your time choosing how you want to reply and what action you want to take. You can either let him slide his hand up your smooth leg, or slap him hard across his cheek (you know, the one on his face).

Now, if you’ve been reading enough of my reviews, you know I hate reading text in games. However, I went into this My Butler review knowing that it was a graphic novel game. At least you can skip dialogue when there feels like there are endless scenes of dialogue.

I sincerely wish there was more than just selecting answers to your butler’s questions. Even Bullet Girls Phantasia has some exciting boss missions, so maybe interacting with the game a bit more would have been slightly more invigorating. Like tying a rope knot around the butler’s wrists onto a bedpost, or something.

In the end, you’ll get what you’d expect from a visual novel. Read text, read text, read text… make a choice and watch the steamy romance evolve.

My Butler Review: Graphics

My Butler Review

When it comes to amazing Japanese art, Dogenzaka Lab have really pulled it off. Sure, it’s only 2D images, but the design is absolutely amazing. The artists did an excellent job on texture, colours and shading.

Sadly, there’s not really any animations. The 2D images will change now and again, depending on the action taking place. However, you’ll mostly see static images as the talks take place.

When the sexual activity happens, the screen turns to black and you’re transported to the next morning. There are a few sensual scenes, but it remains, at heart, an erotic graphic novel with hints of sexual activity.

My Butler Review: Sound

My Butler Review

If you’ve played a Japanese RPG or strategy game, then the slow, instrumental music in the background may feel familiar. It’s a nice touch and delivers the right notes for some of the scenes.

Maybe I would have enjoyed all the dialogue more for this My Butler review more if there was voice acting. When the scenes get really raunchy, you may hear your female character moan in pleasure. However, most of the text has no voice acting to it, which becomes a bit dull after a while.

My Butler Review: Final Verdict

My Butler Review

In our final verdict for the My Butler review, I found the story to be the most exciting element. I love that it’s divided into chapters with headings and all. When they said it’s a graphic novel, they really meant it. And so, with that, the graphics are also superb. Yet, I long for more gameplay action as well as some proper voice acting and sounds that make me feel like I’m right there in the action, so to speak.

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