Super Trench Attack Review | Nintendo Switch 2020

Super Trench Attack Review

Today, our Super Trench Attack Review looks at the 2020 launch of this comedy, RPG shooter set in World War II. Retro Army Limited and Storybird Studio developed it, with PixelHeart as the publisher. It had a soft release in December 2019, with the official launch on 31 July 2020.

We’re familiar with PixelHeart’s products by now after we established a business relationship with them earlier this year. One of their games that we reviewed was Finding Teddy II, which was a pleasant experience.

What elements does Super Trench Attack have that you’ll enjoy, and what’s the gameplay like? Is there a detailed story and how does the arcade shooter look? Find out more in our Super Trench Attack Review below.

Platform reviewed:Nintendo Switch
Release date:31 July 2020
Genre:RPG, Shooter, Parody
File size213 MB
Developer:Retro Army Limited – Storybird Studio

Super Trench Attack Review: Story

Super Trench Attack Review

Welcome to the war, soldier! There’s no turning back from the moment you enter the Green Army. The Black Army’s men are surrounding the camp from all sides, and it’s time for you to strike back.

You start off at the Bootcamp where you’ll learn the basic controls. After you earn your stripes, each mission will provide you with objectives and further tutorials on how to use new items. It’s a clever learning curve that makes sure you only learn the essentials when you need it.

The storyline progresses with each chapter. More challenging opponents appear, testing your fighting resolve. There are also fun collectables, ones that are bound to make you laugh in this comedic arcade game.

We especially enjoyed the witty banter between characters. You can tell that the developers a tremendous amount of fun putting this game together. Come to think of it, it’s probably akin to the enjoyment of playing the retro game for this Super Trench Attack Review.

Sadly, there aren’t other modes to play, so you’re stuck with the single-player campaign.

Super Trench Attack Review: Gameplay

Super Trench Attack Review

Even the gameplay has funny elements. Playing the RPG war game for our Super Trench Attack Review was so much fun, and the controls are easy to learn. Point here, shoot there, and throw a grenade every now and again.

There’s also a sleep cycle. If you want to progress to the next day, just hop in your bed and sleep it off. Fast travel is enabled when you climb down tunnels and select a discovered location on your map.

You can also participate in other fun activities, such as gambling in card games. What surprised us was the moments where the game turned into a first person shooter and you had to wait for targets to appear behind posts and boards to shoot them at the right time. Playing it on the Nintendo Switch makes its super easy to perform.

We also loved the aiming system. When in the standard top view, you’ll hit your targets as long as you aim in their direction. You don’t need to place any cursor on them directly, just aim and shoot.

The one tricky system is the inventory. Sometimes it becomes really annoying trying to access it in the middle of a battle or trying to remember how to swap things. We feel that the inventory system definitely needs some improvement.

Super Trench Attack Review: Graphics

The comedy-action for our Super Trench Attack Review continues with the design of the game. It shows that an indie retro game doesn’t need AAA graphics to be hilarious and exciting to play. You’ll have plenty of laughs as you shoot the enemy’s belt buckle and watch their pants drop to the floor.

There are times that potting specific items or identifying what they are can be challenging on the small Nintendo Switch screen. There were also a few design elements that we felt could have been better. However, it plays well on a 4K Smart TV without losing too much of the detail.

Super Trench Attack Review: Sound

Super Trench Attack Review

The final aspect to cover in our Super Trench Attack Review is the sound. Now, you won’t find any voice acting, but the dialogue sounds is akin to the murmuring in The Sims games. In some cases, the shooting and war sounds feel rather cheap, but we kept in mind that the game is retro and that’s probably how it was intended.

Super Trench Attack Review: Final Verdict

Super Trench Attack Review

Our Super Trench Attack Review feels that the arcade, WWII, comedy RPG game is a light-hearted take on the retro shooter genre. It feels like a group of friends got together and decided to make an indie game together, which packs loads of laughs. There’s comedy in every element, so it’s hard to take anything seriously. It won’t compete with AAA titles, but then again, it’s not meant to.

For the low price of £7.19, we definitely feel that Super Trench Attack Review is worth buying. However, nothing stops you from waiting for a free version of the game becoming available.

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