What Does Pog Mean in Gaming and Where Did it Originate?

What Does Pog Mean in Gaming and Where Did it Originate?

so, What Does Pog Mean in Gaming? For years Twitch communities have used the expression ‘Pog’, ‘poggers’ or ‘PogChamp’ to express surprise, delight or fascination whenever their favourite twitch streamer does something impressive. Originally the abbreviation directly means ‘Play of the game’, which is why it’s usually associated as a response to a positive action. But who knew there was such depth to what started out as a simple abbreviation? From controversies, heated arguments and even death threats… Pog has acted as quite the banner that people are willing to fight for. Let’s dig in and unearth the answers to the question “What Does Pog Mean in Gaming and where did it originate?”


What Does Pog Mean in Gaming?

Pog stands for ‘Play of The game’, with Poggers generally meaning the same thing. It is commonly used in the twitch community to broadly represent anything positively noteworthy that the streamer has done, occasionally being used sarcastically.

What Does PogChamp Mean in Gaming?

What does Pog Mean in gaming?

PogChamp, though essentially still used synonymously with ‘Pog’ and ‘Poggers’, was born from Twitch’s creation of the PogChamp emote. You will regularly still see people typing ‘PogChamp’ into the twitch chat, This used to in its place swap out for an emoji identical to the image above – however, as of January 6th 2021, despite its popularity, the PogChamp emote was controversially removed from the twitch Library of emotes. This has since been replaced by a rotation of emotes, though its meaning remains the same.

Where Did the PogChamp Emote Come From?

Twitch removes PogChamp emote it says was “the face of… further violence” |  Ars Technica

PogChamp originated from an outtakes video(Warning: Strong Language) uploaded back in 2010, created by Cross Counter TV and featuring Street Fighter professional competitors Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez and Mike Ross. The video includes numerous failed attempts in front of the camera, leading to a collection of wild expressions from Gootecks. This one video gave birth to a handful of Twitch emotes, the most notable being PogChamp.

What does PogU Mean in gaming?

face eyebrow nose skin cheek facial expression chin forehead lip head smile close up jaw emotion mouth eye

PogU was a BetterTTV Emote that was used to express hype. Again originating from the same Outtakes video as PogChamp. It Pictures Ryan “Gootecks” Guttierez with an excited expression. The emote was removed from BetterTTV on January 6th, 2021. However, You will still see PogU frequenting Twitch chats, symbolizing the exact same thing.

What does OkayChamp Mean in Gaming?

OkayChamp at 3x

OkayChamp is a Twitch Emote that currently depicts Tech Channel ‘Linus Tech Tips’ with a very unsure-looking smile. This is used to portray when someone says something awkward, controversial or something that you don’t particularly agree with. You don’t plan on speaking up against the person, but your facial expression naturally speaks for itself.

What does PogU mean in gaming?

Okaychamp was formerly (believe it or not) another emote where Gootecks was the star. In the emote he was pulling a facial expression similar to that of Linus. This was used in the exact same context, but was removed from the Twitch platform on January 6th, 2021, to later be replaced with Linus.

What does WeirdChamp mean in gaming?

ender on Twitter: "I did some digging and found out that WeirdChamp is only  the 5th most popular emote on the LEC channel. Today we take down KEKW,  pepeD, and the others.

WeirdChamp is another former emote donned by Ryan “Gootecks” Guttierez. It was used to display surprise or disappointment at something that has happened. It was removed from the Twitch platform on January 6th 2021 along with PogChamp, PogU, and OkayChamp.

Why Was the PogChamp Emote Removed From Twitch?

PogChamp, Pog U and OkayChamp were removed due to the controversial nature of Ryan “Gootecks” Guttierez. He was very vocal across social media platforms on his views on the Covid-19 pandemic, he would often share posts from non-credible sources that backed up his stance on conspiracies related to Covid. The nail in the coffin came on January 6th, 2021, when Gootecks encouraged violence following the storming of Capitol Hill, where a rioter lost her life.

Ludwig vs Adin Ross, The War of the Pog

If you are a follower of twitch, you are all to accustomed with seeing all of the expressions above. But what about when someone comes over from another community and blows up on a fresh new platform? This is exactly what happened with Adin Ross, The former NBA 2k Gamer, who grew to popularity with his antics on both GTA RP and NBA titles. Transitioned over to twitch, where he blew up, frequently hosting to an audience of over 100,000.

Adin Ross branched away from his roots and became big on his react videos. This lead to his overly “Devious” community spewing into other streams and being a nuissance. This young audience coming over from a community not familiar with Twitch, followed a completely different method of displaying their approval/dissaproval. Using the heavily popular youtube method of ‘W’ and ‘L’. W indicating Win, and L indicating Loss. For example – A call of duty streamer hits a 360 no scope… The general twitch chat will be populated with ‘Pogchamp’… In adin ross’ case, his chat would be inundated with people claiming he ‘took the W’ or the person getting flexed on ‘took the L’.

Due to the problematic nature of Adin Ross and his audience. He has on occasion had twitch streamers poke a bit of fun at him. (most notably Ludwig, Soda, Nmplol and Hassan, QT) This led to a strong clash of commiunities. Essentially becoming a war between ‘PogChamps’ and ‘L-Gang’

What Does Pog Mean In Gaming? The Conclusion –

Pog has grown to represent a lot of positivity and fun across the twitch platform. Recent decisions to change the design has been made in an effort to not change the values of that which the emote represents. It is unsure as to what the future holds for the discontinued emotes of WeirdChamp and PogU, but it is definitely understandable as to why Twitch felt it necessary to remove Gootecks as a face of the platform.

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