Modern Warfare: How to Unlock Obsidian Camo In Multiplayer

Modern Warfare: How to Unlock Obsidian Camo In Multiplayer

Patch 1.20 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone has just gone live across all platforms.

Along with the release of the brand-new KM9 Bruen light machine gun, Gunsmith customs and a new contract in Warzone, the long-awaited release of the new Obsidian camouflage is finally here.

Find out everything you need to know about the Obsidian camo including how to unlock it and the challenges required for each weapon category.

How To Unlock Obsidian Camo In Modern Warfare

As mentioned above, Obsidian camo can be earned for any weapon which already has gold camo unlocked.

Below is a full list of requirements for each category of weapon in the game:

  • Sub-Machine Guns: 15 kills in 150 matches 
  • Light Machine Guns: 15 kills in 150 matches
  • Sniper Rifles: 15 kills in 125 matches 
  • Marksman Rifles: 15 kills in 125 matches
  • Handguns: 15 kills in 100 matches
  • Shotguns: 15 kills in 150 matches
  • Riot Shield: 750 kills Combat Knife: 10 kills in 125 matches
  • RPG: 5 kills in 150 matches
  • Joker, PILA & STRELA: Destroy a vehicle or killstreak 100 times

As of writing (April 30th) progress towards the camo appears to be stacking during each game, meaning if you get 30 kills with an SMG in one game, it will count as two games! This is currently the quickest way of progressing towards the camo so make the most of it before it is eventually changed!

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