Firaxis Announces Big Barbarian Changes Coming to Civilization VI!

Firaxis Announces Big Barbarian Changes Coming to Civilization VI!

Yesterday, Firaxis shared a new game update video highlighting upcoming changes, adjustments and additions coming to Civilization® VI in the February game update. Available for free to anyone who owns Civilization VI, the February game update is scheduled to go live on Thursday, February 25. Ahead of the release, Firaxis will be doing a community livestream at 7 p.m. GMT on Wednesday, February 24.

In addition to balance and update changes, each game update includes a new feature, such as a scenario, game mode or customization. This month’s update includes the Barbarian Clans optional game mode*, the Leader Selection Pool and several balance adjustments and additional changes based on player feedback.

Barbarian Clans is a new optional game mode that completely changes how players will interact with the Barbarians. Driven directly by player feedback, gameplay with Barbarians has been greatly expanded beyond the standard kill-or-be-killed option. This mode introduces six Barbarian Clans that can be found living on or near different map conditions, each specializing in a different type of unit. Barbarian Clans accumulate progress each turn to convert to a city-state; players will be able to help or hinder their progress.

Destroying a clan will wipe it off the face of the map as usual, while choosing to Raid a clan will earn Gold and knock down some of the progress. Players can stop a clan from attacking their cities by paying a Bribe and also Hire a clan to add its strongest unit to their army. Units that are abducted can be retrieved by paying a Ransom and – of course – players can also spend Gold to Incite them and have them attack another civilization. Exchanging coins in these civilized encounters will boost the clan’s progress toward conversion to a city-state.

Civilization VI February Update

Similar to the Natural Wonder Picker and City-state Picker, the February update introduces the Leader Selection Pool. This feature allows players to customize the pool of leaders that can be used in the game. Find Trajan to be too big of a bully or want to play against a leader you haven’t faced before? This is now possible thanks to the Leader Selection Pool!

Finally, the February update introduces some new adjustments to the AI and balance changes. Driven again by player feedback, the bulk of AI adjustments will focus on air units and air combat where they deploy anti-air defenses and engage in air strikes more frequently. Policy slots have been shifted for certain governments to more accurately reflect how those governments would run in reality and better align to anticipated playstyles. Some Natural Wonders have also been rebalanced plus additional text clarifications; many fans may be pleased to learn the Cliffs of Dover will now grant three Gold, three Culture and two Food.

Civilization VI February Update in Brief

Firaxis announces in it’s February update reveal that they will add a new free to play optional mode into the game, adding more personality and deviation to the behaviours and relationships with the barbarian tribes.

In addition to these barbarian changes, Firaxis added that they are also adding some changes to the AI’s handling of Air Units.

Full details will be available in patch notes that release alongside the update on February 25.

The February game update is one of many free updates that are a part of the overall content roadmap for Civilization VI, available to anyone who owns the game.

*Barbarian Clans game mode available to anyone who owns Civilization VI. Certain balance changes only apply to content from the Rise and Fall and/or Gathering Storm expansions.

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