Purple Prison Minecraft Server Review

Purple Prison Minecraft Server Review

One of the most popular Minecraft servers in the world, But is it actually worth playing? Find out in our Purple Prison Minecraft Server Review!

It’s very rare that we at AIR Entertainment go into a game and immediately head straight for the privately-owned servers in order to write our in-depth reviews. But when we were welcomed into the Purple Prison Minecraft Server by the servers owner, we opened up to the idea… So, What is Purple Prison?


What is a Minecraft Prison Server?

A Minecraft Prison server is essentially what it says on the tin. You are locked up within the confines of said ‘prison’. In order to progress through the ranks within the prison you must mine for valuable blocks in ever-respawning pits of wealthy goodness, Upon filling up your bags you sell up, rank up and progress onto the next – More lucrative Mine.

Mine Z – One of the most valuable free-to-play mining sites in Purple Prison.

Each Prison Server usually contains a Prestige System, a system which is hugely popular among many games throughout many genres. upon reaching the final rank, You can opt to lose all of your earned ranks in exchange for a better title, an increased modifier on all future profits and more. Purple Prison is no stranger to this system.

Purple Prison Minecraft Server ID


Starting Out on Purple Prison

Diary entry 1 Upon my arrival at Purple Prison, the complexities of the server are immediately laid bare to me, I stand in a room filled with immense knowledge, I have a feeling I’m going to be visiting here quite a lot…

– Drasur

The HUD structures out all your need to know information, including your balance, your rank, your multiplier, your money. The rank that you are is alphabetically ascending, with your rank corresponding to the level mine you are allowed to farm. (e.g if you are Rank F. You would type /warp F)

Overall, the beginner’s experience on any Minecraft server is a cruel one, Purple Prison lays it all out in a way that any information you need is easily accessible, brief and easy to understand, you are actively encouraged to learn as you progress.

Purple Prison Server – The Design

Diary Entry 2I guess… This is home now?

– Drasur

The design of Purple Prison is beautifully crafted. It’s main area contains numerous shops, auction houses and NPC’s that offer up daily rewards upon interaction. This central prison marketplace is encircled by a yard, which is open to PVP. And boy is it a battleground.

Then you have the numerous unique Mines and warp points. Each with their own unique, equally well made design.

Purple Prison Server – Gameplay

Purple Prison Minecraft Server Review

Diary Entry 3 – As i walk out into the prison’s courtyard, I can’t help but feel a sense of danger… They said this place would just be hitting rocks…

– Drasur

Shortly after starting my time on the Purple Prison server, I reached out to Sachino, the server owner and asked what he feels makes this server stand out from the countless amounts of other prison servers out there. to which I he responded –

“our server has been around for over 6 years now, with not a single day of downtime. We’ve had YouTubers such as PewDiePie join and play the server on stream and we are one of the biggest prison servers in the scene at this moment in time. I think this is mainly due to the fact that we’ve never tried to be like any other run-of-the-mill server. For Example, we focus very heavily on PVP, which other prison servers typically do not .”

This quote seemed to echo among the loyal player base as well. With veteran player OsamaPutin (No idea what he was locked up for) backing up these claims. Stating the PVP gear is so easily obtainable that there is little risk in jumping straight into the action.

PVP is a huge draw to the Purple Prison Minecraft Server, some of the richest players in-game have barely ever even touched a pickaxe in order to earn their vast amounts of wealth, instead opting to fight over numerous supply drops that dot themselves around the contested PVP map.

When you think you’ve experienced it all, you soon realise there is more to be discovered. Enjoy running around a maze like a headless chicken? They have that. Enjoy Parkour maps in games? They have that too!

Purple Prison Server – The Community

Another reason that the Purple Prison Server stands among the most popular prison servers out there is it’s incredibly well-maintained community. You always feel welcomed into the community, they help you out when you are stuck. Throw you money out of nowhere and constantly insist on helping you out.

Purple Prison Veteran and Twitch Streamer OsamaPutin hosts a giveaway on his twitch channel

A moment that defined the general community within Purple Prison came when young aspiring twitch streamer, named oblivionmc found a valuable key in a supply drop out in the heavily contested PVP zone. His instinctive reaction was to offer it to an obviously new player such as myself.

The community wasn’t entirely without conflict, though. The world chat would occasionally burst into the odd, usually gambling driven rifts. (Which I will touch more on shortly). As well as some, more openly controversial friendship circles that would be less welcoming.

despite the handful of times that I witnessed a rise up in peoples emotions, the overall vibes that emitted from the chat were generally extremely positive. This is in part due to the pro-active admin team.

Purple Prison Server – Plots

Diary Entry 4 – I have no idea how I got here, How do I get back to the prison?

– Drasur

Plots are a players personal building space to get the creative juices flowing. Whether you want to create a beautiful work of art for people to admire, or you want to create a fully functional automated shop. The world is your oyster

Is Purple Prison Server Child Friendly?

Although the server is incredibly friendly towards players regardless of age, the game has a big draw on gambling. players of all ages are sucked into the possibility of doubling their money in the form of a coin flip, game of Crash or a unique gambling method that goes by the name Sumo. These people are generally blind to the fact that what they are doing is essentially gambling. And at the point of review, I can’t see any protective measures being carried out to prevent this from happening.

The game’s trading system, however, is one of the most secure methods I have seen on a Minecraft server. You have to accept the trade and then confirm it. Allowing you to make sure that things haven’t been switched out. This can help a child from being scammed in that sense. But it doesn’t protect them from people who have played them for their trust.

Is Purple Prison Server pay to win?

All of the veterans I asked on Purple prison Server were open to the fact that they donated to the game, and they donated a lot! This isn’t necessarily saying the game is exactly pay-to-win. but it definitely favours the people who are active spenders on the server. As someone who was free to play, I earned more money from veteran handouts than I did actually hitting away at blocks.

There are ways in which the game suits the casual, weapons and armour remain cheap to obtain, and they are to a standard that allows the player to remain competitive. You can also vote for the server daily on numerous server comparison sites in order to gain free premium ‘Purple’ keys. As well as claim a daily reward at the relevant NPC.

Purple Prison Server Twitch Streamers



Purple Prison Minecraft Server Review – The Conclusion

Overall, my time spent at Purple Prison was incredibly entertaining. From my first time loading in until the time of releasing this Purple Prison Minecraft Server review, I have barely peeled myself away from the server. Could do with some ways of protecting children from the lures of gambling, but as long as you are old enough to gamble. I can’t recommend this server enough!

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