Rocket League Players RLCS Season 8 Quiz

Rocket League Players RLCS Season 8 Quiz

With the thrill of a Rocket League World Championship Tournament feeling little more than a distant memory(Click Here to read how the Esports world has been affected by Covid-19!). we are here to take you back to season 8 where NRG famously broke the “forever the bridesmaid, never the bride” curse to finally obtain a world championship title. In order to refresh your memories of this fantastic season here at AIR Entertainment we are hosting a Rocket League Players RLCS Season 8 Quiz for you to enjoy!

* Please note -This Quiz includes the whole Roster list from each region and Not just the Season 8 World Championship .(e.g. Europe, North America, South America and Oceania)

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Avid sports gamer whos love of the genre dates back to his very first football match, Where he loved competing but hated putting in any actual effort. Thus a compromise was met. Also loves to talk about himself in the third person to make himself seem more important than he is.

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