Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 Finals – How to Watch!

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 Finals

KLab Inc., Creator of the popular Mobile game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, today announced that its head-to-head football simulation game will host the worldwide Dream Championship 2020 Tournament Finals online on Saturday, December 12th. We are here to answer all your questions in regards to the upcoming Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 Finals

The Tournament started in September with the online qualifiers, which were held exclusively online in the app. eventually resulting in the winners of the qualifying rounds progressing onto the world stage in their chance to secure that number 1 spot.

A total of 16 players will be competing in the Dream Championship Finals, to determine who is the greatest player in the world. Among those competing in the event is WillOfD, who last won the event back in 2019.

The tournament will be streamed on Youtube Live on Saturday, December 12, 2020 – With times for each timezone listed below.


What is Captain Tsubasa?

Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga, created by Yoichi Takashi (Who is expected to make a guest appearance at the tournament), The manga is one of, if not the highest rated football(Soccer for all you Americans.) based Manga in the market.

Captain Tsubasa premiered in Shueisha’s landmark manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981 and has since played a huge part in the sports rise in fame in the Asian territories as well as the rest of the world.

The series has now sold over 70 million volumes in Japan alone. Though it’s popularity spreads beyond the Japanese borders, having been translated and published around the world in 20 different languages, winning the hearts of football lovers around the globe.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 Finals – What Time Does it Start?

JST(Event Time) – 12:30, 12 December
AEST – 13:30 Saturday, 12 December
ACST – 13:00 Saturday, 12 December
AFT – 08:00 Friday, 11 December
AKST – 18:30 Friday, 11 December
AST – 23:30 Friday, 11 December
AWST – 11:30 Saturday, 12 December
CET – 04:30 Saturday, 12 December
CST – 21:30 Friday, 11 December
EET – 05:30 Saturday, 12 December
EST – 22:30 Friday, 11 December
MSK – 06:30 Saturday, 12 December
MST – 20:30 Friday, 11 December
PST – 19:30 Friday, 11 December
WAT – 04:30 Saturday, 12 December
WET – 3:30 Saturday, 12 December

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 Finals Schedule

12:30 (JST) – Opening
12:45 – 1st Round
16:55 – 2nd Round
19:05 – Semi Finals
20:25 – Match for 3rd Place
20:55 – Final Match
21:25 – Awards Ceremony
21:35 – Ending

*Schedule is subject to change depending on the situation.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 – Who is competing?

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Championship 2020 Finals
credit:twitter – WillOfD, winner of the 2019 Championship. Competes for his second title.

Dream Championship 2019 Winner

Final Regional Qualifier: Europe, Africa, Middle East Group
1st Place: EK|Badroo0
2nd Place: [JKS]Simon
3rd Place: AU|Benzema

Final Regional Qualifier: Americas Group
1st Place: Diego
2nd Place: IE|Daigo
3rd Place: 《RS》 Jc

Final Regional Qualifier: Asia, Oceania Group
1st Place: 仁仁
2nd Place: 谷行条野@平民
3rd Place: INNxTH

Final Regional Qualifier: Japan Group
1st Place: Dai
2nd Place: シフォン
3rd Place: 幼稚園の暴君

Dream Championship 2020 Winner Prediction Campaign

KLab Inc. is attempting to get the viewer base behind the players competing in the tournament by promoting their very own prediction campaign – Where players stand the chance of winning in-game prizes by successfully picking the correct winning player.

They also offer a consellation prize for anyone who picks a participant who doesn’t win.

Dream Championship 2020 Winner prediction Campaign – How to Enter?

Players can vote in the app. The entry page will be available from the in-game announcement on Friday, December 4 after 16:00 JST (UTC+9).

Details will be announced on the Dream Championship 2020 website on Friday, December 4th.

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Finals Livestream URLs

Traditional Chinese:

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Final Notes

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the tournament and everyone at AIR Entertainment wishes all of the tournament participants the best of luck.

Comment below who you have predicted to win the tournament!

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