Disease Hidden Object PC Review

Disease Hidden Object PC Review

Welcome to our Disease Hidden Object PC Review!

Disease Hidden Object launched on 26 August 2020 as a horror hidden object puzzle game. OperaHouse Corporation developed it with D3 Publisher as the publisher. It’s a short game with eight chapters, each chapter containing four scenes.

I remember when I met my wife eleven years ago and she introduced me to hidden object games. We used to plug a projector in the PC at times with the game’s visuals on a large blank wall. It was fun, but I haven’t played a hidden object game in years.

Okay, that’s only partially untrue. A few months ago I tried this exact game on the Nintendo Switch. While I didn’t write a Disease Hidden Object Review back then, the time has come for me to write one now. You’ll see why in my in-depth review below.

So, what’s the story with this horror hidden object game? Does it breathe new life into the genre, or is it as stale as so many others? Find out more in our Disease Hidden Object PC Review.

Main platform reviewed:PC
Release date:26 August 2020
Genre:Horror, Hidden Object
File size500 MB
Developer:OperaHouse Corporation
Publisher:D3 Publisher


Disease Hidden Object PC Review: Story

Disease Hidden Object PC Review

For this Disease Hidden Object PC Review, we stepped into the mind of a doctor who lost his license. The main reason is due to a mental disease where he was seeing and hearing things that weren’t real, which was affecting his job. Just as all seemed lost, his former boss called him up and gave him one last assignment as a chance to get his job back.

Enter the abandoned, freaky hospital. The main job seems simple: collect old medical supplies that can still be used. However, things aren’t what they seem and strange things start happening.

While I won’t spoil the story in this Disease Hidden Object PC Review, I will mention what I enjoyed about it. The developer has an excellent ability of telling stories that grab your attention. You aren’t sure if what you’re seeing are hallucinations or if the place is haunted.

There’s also the link between the story and the gameplay. Finding specific items and solving puzzles unlocks new plot elements. Moreover, there are notes and journal entries that help the story along. Nothing in the game was placed there for no reason, like older hidden object games I’ve played.

What also fascinates me is that each item also tells a story. Click on something, even if it’s not one of the main objectives, and the protagonist will tell you what it means to him, or the ghost before you.

Sadly, the game ended too quickly for me to entirely enjoy it for this Disease Hidden Object PC Review. I’m not complaining about it being too easy, which in some cases it wasn’t. Yet, I wish there were more chapters to enjoy. The horror hidden object game certainly inspires me to write a novel that similar in theme.

Disease Hidden Object PC Review: Gameplay

Disease Hidden Object PC Review

The gameplay is easier on the PC than the Switch, I found, for this Disease Hidden Object PC Review. To enjoy the touchscreen ability of the Nintendo Switch, you had to play with the console in your hands. That meant that the screen was too small to find items.

Although you can zoom in, it was better to play the Switch version on a huge TV. However, you were left with moving the cursor around with the analogue stick. It caused frustration that made me leave the game alone.

Enter the Steam version for my Disease Hidden Object PC Review. Using the mouse to click on items is a much better way of playing the horror hidden object game. Also, you can view it on the big screen and see all the items clearly.

I wish there was more movement between areas of the hospital, which is something I miss from older hidden object games. You needed to find a key or an item to move to a new location, or you could freely enter other rooms to solve the overall puzzle.

For our Disease Hidden Object PC Review, we were disappointed that we were stuck in a single room per chapter. Sure, the rooms changed every chapter, but you couldn’t move around in the scenes.

It means that there are no puzzle elements that carry over from one chapter to another. It feels like the developer created each scene on its own in isolation of each other. Nevertheless, it delivers the horror aspect of the game nicely, leaving you wondering what’s going to happen until the end.

There is some variety in terms of other puzzles you need to solve, like small scribbled clues and such. However, nothing as detailed as what I’ve played before.

Disease Hidden Object PC Review: Graphics

Disease Hidden Object PC Review

As you can see from the graphics above for our Disease Hidden Object PC Review, the horror hidden object game has retro graphics that’s reminiscent of Silent Hill 1. It does create an excellent thrilling scene with the bloody walls and messy floors.

Even with a large screen, some of the objects are so small you might not find them. Or there are a few strange design choices. However, I still gave the design a decent rating for how well I feel it portrays the doctor’s mind.

Disease Hidden Object PC Review: Sound

Disease Hidden Object PC Review

I’m a huge fan of voice acting, especially where there’s lots of reading involved. Sadly, this is where the Disease Hidden Object PC Review falls short. You’ll be left reading the text (out loud if your family is watching you play and they want to hear the sweet timber sound of your voice).

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the soft, humming, dark sounds that accompanies each scene. There are times where your heart is failing and you need to solve the puzzle in time. That fading heart beat is scary to listen to as it runs out of life.

Disease Hidden Object PC Review: Final Verdict

Disease Hidden Object PC Review

Our Disease Hidden Object PC Review finds the horror hidden object game delightful to play, with an excellent mix of psychological thriller and hidden objects. I really hope that the developer makes many more of these, as we are in sore need of them. While the sound and graphics need some work, the story is the greatest element, making me want to carry on writing my Silent Hill novels.

For a paltry $7.99, Disease Hidden Object is worth buying on the PC.

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