You Can Now Find All Of Nintendo’s Old Flash Games In One Place

You Can Now Find All Of Nintendo’s Old Flash Games In One Place

Back in the 90’s up to the 2000s, video game companies would release small flash games to accompany the marketing of new games they release. These games can be played through the developers website and can be played in-browser. Among the video game companies who did these, Nintendo was one of the companies who made a lot of flash games all the way back to Donkey Kong Country.

Thanks to YouTuber and Nintendo fan Skelux, you can now access these nostalgic flash games on his website Origami64. So far he has collected over 30 flash games and is giving $50 bounties on those who can give the games that are still missing or has incomplete files. Check out his video below where he discussed the Mega Collection in detail.

The growing collection of Skelux are not full games. Most of them are just mini-games or tie-ins to some of Nintendo’s titles released back in the day. So you’ll probably just check these out for some nostalgia or if you are interested in Nintendo’s history. Nonetheless it is important to preserve these games as they play a part in the history of video games. Hopefully, Nintendo’s legal department won’t shut the website down.

Source: KOTAKU

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