Jane Whittaker proven to be an industry fraud

Jane Whittaker proven to be an industry fraud

This article and others like it were recently unsuccessfully challenged in the UK high court by Jane Whittaker.
Ultimately after over 2 years of threats and delays the claimant Jane Whittaker was unable to answer the defence, instead requesting the defendant’s permission to drop the case. Initially Whittaker tried to attain a gag order upon the details of the case, however this was wholeheartedly refused by the defendants, thereby placing all case details in the public domain.

These articles show some of the evidence we had at the start of the investigation.

We are pleased to continue to present this information for the public’s interest.

Court Documents:


Over the last 2 years or so the name Jane Whittaker seems to have come into the limelight as far as game development is concerned; that and his name being linked to various indie developers that he has leached on to as well as some rather dubious pieces of software.

Now, reading that first paragraph I can fully understand your confusion to me referring to someone by the name of Jane as a him/he so I guess I will try to explain..

Jane Whittaker has also gone by the name of Andrew Whittaker in the past, a name that most will associate with Alien vs Predator fame. Well, it turns out that his claims of exactly what he did on that game is greatly over exaggerated. He claimed to all of the world that he was the lead programmer when the reality is that he just had a very basic programming role as confirmed by Jason Kingsley Rebellion Developer. Claiming he was born a Conjoined Twin, people in America at the time did not like the fact he was called Jane and a woman was frowned upon in the gaming world (his words) and was ordered to change his name to Andrew at that time.

Amazingly, there is no report anywhere of a Siamese Twin ever being born in Hull (UK), but is yet another lie in the string of them fabricated by Whittaker over the years.

Now, I could go into so much detail into all of the lies that have been uncovered over the last few months about Whittaker, but a team of us are still digging and finding so much disturbing stuff it would take me a long time to write a full report, but believe me, that day is coming very soon as well as a large UK media company digging into the fraudulent claims he has made.

The main reason I am writing this small article at the moment is due to a YouTube video in which Andrew Rosa aka Master-Cast TV interviewed Whittaker a couple of months ago. Under normal circumstances any video blogger/reviewer would hunt out people they want to interview for their channel yet this time round Whittaker sought Rosa out personally, contacting him begging to be interviewed. Rosa thought this was strange but when he looked into the history of Whittaker he thought he had fallen on his feet with a huge industry veteran and went ahead and did the interview. It was only when that interview had been published that our (yes, I am part of it) collective team found it and started to comment with regards to the lies being said by Whittaker about his involvement over the years in the gaming industry.

Rosa pulled the interview from being public whilst he investigated our claims into what is basically fraud and joined our team. He was disheartened when he discovered that he had been used by Whittaker as so many other have been over the last 2 years and wanted to delete the video completely. When it was public people were commenting on the video saying about Whittaker being a fraud and Rosa was inundated with emails from Whittaker demanding that he removed peoples comments which he ignored as Whittaker was desperate to hide the truth, but he also wanted the video removed as this latest attempt at self advertising was starting to backfire on him.

Over the last few days we had talked Rosa into once again making the video public as he was still wanting to delete it completely and now he is glad that he listened to our little team.

The comments section of the video went crazy, including comments from Development Leaders denying claims that Whittaker had made. One of the main ones from Steven Turner, the CEO of Graftgold. Now, over the years Whittaker has built up a lot of fake memorabilia about his apparent times at various gaming companies and his roles have been listed on his own website written in a third person perspective about himself, but remember that he has wrote all of that himself. He claims that he was a programmer on 33 games for that team yet you will never find his name on any of the games end sequence credits (in fact the only game that his name does feature on is Populous as a ‘Special Thanks’ but not in any true role within the development team). So, this brings me nicely to comments made last night on the YouTube video from Turner..

Jane Whittaker
Steven Turner quotes about Whittakers actual involvement with Graftgold

Please notice how he stated that at 18 Whittaker was in good health, something that Whittaker always said he wasn’t after his separation from the supposed twin sister, but not only that, Turner also states that Whittaker couldnt code to save his life, let alone set up a machine to even use to start coding. How exactly can someone like Whittaker who cut his teeth coding on that machine not even know how to set it up?

Strangely, Whittakers memory of events is rather different to the truth..

Quote from Whittakers website about his time at Graftgold

“After a few days Jane had found the trick they were looking for”. Yeah, Whittaker was sacked! Makes sense, get rid of someone who can’t code and lied through his teeth about being able to and the problem is removed!

Now, this is just one insight into the fake and fraudulent world of Whittaker and it does go a lot deeper including the theft of money which was donated in good faith for disabled children’s charities, not paying development teams rather lining his own back pocket and leaving that team. Faking a game engine as his own and trying to sell the idea to people (more money for him again), not to mention an AI for Lego which was supposed to have already been in beta, has been taking money from interested parties and now has disappeared from that one as well, no doubt with money pledged on pre-orders.

All of the evidence that has been collected will be published on this site at some point in the next few months, but there really is so much including some rather disturbing things which I am actually disgusted to be looking into as a reporter involving both the disabled and children.

All I can say for now is that if you ever come across the name Andrew Whittaker, Jane Whittaker, Littlegirlsocks (don’t ask), please avoid them like the plague. You will be taken for all the money you have.

Part 2 – Jane Whittaker: Keystone Games, Blue Sock Studios and the exploitation of disabled people>

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