Work as a Team in Elder Scrolls Online’s new Dragon Rise event in preparation for DragonHold DLC

Work as a Team in Elder Scrolls Online’s new Dragon Rise event in preparation for DragonHold DLC

Calling all Elder Scrolls Online players!! We have some great news for you, especially for all you champions who have completed everything there is to do in Tamriel so far. There is a new event starting today at 15:00 BST (10:00am EDT) called Dragon Rise that will be leading us into the upcoming DLC, DragonHold.

The Dragon Rise event will run until 14 October 2019, 15:00 BST, so you have a full week and a half to enjoy it. There are also some exciting rewards up for grabs, including Green Dragon Imp pet, Grim Harvester Costume and Dragon’s Treasure Trove furnishing for your home. This awesome furnishing not only shows off your treasure, but also includes a target dummy. During Dragon Rise you can also unlock bonus XP and gold acquisition for the whole Northern Elsweyr zone.

In order to unlock these rewards, you need to fill three Dragon Rise meters with these activities:

  • Explore Elsweyr and earn the Northern Elsweyr Pathfinder Achievement to unlock the primary rewards (Check your in-game Journal for help completing this Achievement)
  • Slay Dragons to unlock a zone-wide XP boost (Northern Elsweyr only)
  • Complete the Dragonhold Prologue quests (from October 8) to unlock a zone-wide gold acquisition boost (Northern Elsweyr only)

There is a new Dragon Rise page where you can see how far everyone’s progress is for the event. In addition to unlocking a zone-wide XP boost, slaying Dragons also help increase the donation amount for the #SlayDragonsSaveCats campaign. Help pets in need while you help yourself to bonus XP—a win-win scenario!

As you defeat Northern Elsweyr’s Dragons and bosses, you have a chance to acquire a Nafaalilargus’s Strongbox as a bonus reward, including items such as crafting materials, style pages, gear sets, and more!

During the Dragon Rise event, all regular monsters in the Northern Elsweyr zone have a rare chance to drop Event Tickets when defeated. However, should you slay a boss monster in the same zone, an Event Ticket drop is guaranteed! Don’t forget to loot everything you defeat. You can earn two Event Tickets this way each day of the event.

During the event period, the Impresario will stock the following items:

  • Cadwell style pages
  • Abnur Tharn style pages
  • The Onyx Indrik Pet
  • All four Indrik Feathers
  • All four Onyx Indrik Berries (including the final one, allowing you to summon your Onyx Indrik!)


If you haven’t played the new Elsweyr Chapter yet, even after my awesome review of the game, Bethesda have released news that the Chapter is now 50% off until 8 October 2019 for the PC, and until 16 October 2019 for the PS4. This includes the new Necromancer class. The sale is available on their BUY NOW page.

Here is my video review of the PC version of this chapter, in case you missed it:


Bethesda have announced that the Dragonhold Prologue quests will be live on Tuesday, 8 October 2019, at 15:00 BST (10:00AM EDT). Because it’s part of the base game, you don’t need to have owned or completed any of the previous Chapter or DLCs to play them.

In these two new quests, you must assist the returning Sai Sahan explore the lost histories of the Dragonguard in the hopes of acquiring an ancient relic to help turn the tides of battle against the Dragons that threaten all of Elsweyr. The Dragonhold Prologue quests lead you directly into the events of the Dragonhold DLC game pack, coming soon in Q4!

So as you can see, the Season of the Dragon continues on! We hope you will be joining me for these events. I have already started testing the upcoming DragonHold DLC in preparation for a full review upon release. So more news on that soon.

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