VIRTUAL EARTH ONLINE offering $600 AUD in Holiday Resort Competition

VIRTUAL EARTH ONLINE offering $600 AUD in Holiday Resort Competition


What is Virtual Earth Online?

Virtual Earth Online (VEO) is a new sandbox MMO building game that is currently live and online in PC open beta mode. No keys are needed and registration is from the webpage link. The entire game has been written and designed by one man over 6 years from his home on the Gold Coast, Rubberman. We asked him why the name Rubberman?

Because when things get too hard or tough, Rubberman always bounces back!

They have been inviting players to try the game and test the performance of the servers, with live servers in Australia, New York, Germany and Hong Kong.
You can select a block of land anywhere on Earth (if another player hasn’t got that block). It is free currently, but once the game fully launches it will cost $5 per block. Players can then develop the land and sell for real money on the real estate page.
There is a massive selection of materials to create whatever your imagination can think of. You can do this on your block or any vacant land. Players are giving some excellent feedback on this and sending us some awesome screenshots.



Technical Server Details

VEO will grow in to a large community of like-minded people, you are able to meet up with friends and contacts with in the virtual world and talk to them face to face, interact, travel, build together and much more.
The game is only the beginning. Once it becomes self-funding then real-life shopping malls will be built in to the game, allowing online shopping in 3D. Companies and self-employed people will rent virtual office space and casinos will go live.
The game and servers were written using the following languages:

  • ASM (assembly/machine code)
  • Pasca
  • C ++
  • Open GL

The game uses Pascal to interface with windows and handle the TCP sockets. OpenGL is the graphics interface to the graphics card. ASM is the main language for running the game, it is faster than any other language. The server is written in C++ to allow it to maximize 64-bit architecture.
The VEO website has also been upgraded as the player numbers grow. The land buying feature has been re-designed with solid back end programming to handle unlimited players. You should also go check out the improvements to the VEO real estate and trading pages, this is of course where players can make money from the real life economy coming to the game soon.
The website has been written using the following languages:
· JavaScript

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Some Interesting Facts and Features

Here are some enjoyable facts of the game:

  • The surface area of Virtual Earth Online is 2,040,400,000,000 blocks (2 Trillion)
  • Each block in Virtual Earth is 0.5 meters cubed (an eighth the size of Minecraft blocks)
  • If you walked around the world in the game it would take you 8,015 hours (333 days nonstop, 24 hours a day)
  • Virtual Earth has already generated over 80 billion blocks from Google Earth
  • If the whole Earth was discovered in Virtual Earth our servers would hold 1,044 Terabytes of data
  • Most video game servers allow only a limited number of players to play in the same area at any one time. Virtual Earth servers allow for everyone to be in the world at once. This is new technology!

And here are some cool features:
– life-sized MMO
– Fully incorporated Google Earth interface
– Google map integration
– Your house and street are in the game
– Huge selection of tools and building materials
– Each block can now transform into 32 shapes
– Hover feature allows you to easily build high structures
– Build Goblin armies, they also farm crops for you and plant seeds
– Servers in Australia, New York, Germany and a further one in Hong Kong should go live very soon.
– Players will purchase a block of land for $5 anywhere on Earth, develop it and then sell it on for real money via the unique VEO real estate page
– Real economy working with in the game, real estate and trading pages, still to be added.
– VEO is more than just a game. Once self-funding real-life shopping malls will be added, allowing 3d online shopping. Virtual Office space to rent, business advertising and casinos are all part of the future.
– Payment and banking system
– Customer support system has just gone live
– Multiplayer feature will evolve in to a huge community of like-minded people, interacting by way of avatars in the game. Walking, flying, exploring, building, go to war, travel the Earth and much more.
– Farming with cows, sheep, and pigs to produce milk, bacon and fleece. Sell these on for coins in the game to purchase assorted items in the game.
-Mining of minerals, again trade these in for VEO coins in the game
– Totally unique and powerful copy/paste feature. Demolish large areas of blocks for development with the push of a button. Copy then paste any structure with in the game. Massively saving time which you can use for the finer details of your in-game creations.


So… About that Competition…

Players are asked to create a Holiday Resort in Virtual Earth Online. It can be a luxury hotel on the water or just a log cabin in the woods, let your imagination run wild! Build the perfect holiday destination. Winners will be judged on creativity, imagination and fun.

1ST PRIZE = $200
2ND PRIZE = $150
3RD PRIZE = $100
4TH PRIZE = $50
5TH PRIZE = $40

To enter the contest you must email your username to no later than September 8th 2017. Judging will take place on September 12th 10:00 pm Australian EST. Be sure to download the latest version of the game.
Prize value is in Australian Dollars. Prizes will be paid into the winners PayPal account. Winners will be judged by Rubberman. Players must leave their Avatar at the location of their entry so Rubberman can teleport to the location and judge your creation.

Follow Virtual Earth Online

If you would like to follow VEO and all their updates and competitions, here are some valuable links:

VEO Homepage

VEO YouTube Channel

VEO YouTube Gaming/Tutorials

VEO support:





AIR Entertainment would like to thank Virtual Earth Online for sharing this exclusive information with us. We will be following your work closely for more updates in the future.

©2017 Celenic Game Studios


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