TT Isle of Man is available on Nintendo Switch™ in North America! (Launch Trailer)

Bigben and Kylotonn are happy to announce that TT Isle of Man, the official game of the legendary Tourist Trophy (TT) Isle of Man, is now available on the Nintendo Switch™.

Discover the reactions of real racers who got their hands on the game!

TT Isle of Man lets you live out a real road racing simulation for the first time on Nintendo Switch™. The content and functionalities will be identical to the PlayStation 4TM, Xbox One, and PC versions.

TT Isle of Man is:

  • A faithful reproduction of all of Snaefell Mountain’s 60.7 km of track and 264 turns
  • 9 fictional circuits to train on before taking on the legendary track
  • 40 official motorcycles and 23 official racers
  • Online races with up to 8 players
  • A Career mode allowing you to unlock new motorcycles and to win the epic Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

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