Tribloos Available on Steam For Free!

Tribloos Available on Steam For Free!

Tribloos is now available on Steam for the first time – for free!

Steam link:

Released on Steam for the first time since it’s initial release back in 2011, Bumpkin Brothers have decided to share the love this February and give Tribloos away for free.

About The Tribloos

Originally released in 2011, The Tribloos was the first game in the series.
The Tribloos is a casual time management game where the player needs to help the tiny Tribloos in rebuilding their villages. This is done by managing manpower (or tribpower?) as a resource. The more tribloos performing a task the faster it gets finished. Use collected resources such as wood and stone to build simple and complex structures to complete the objectives of each level.

You don’t need to complete everything in the time given – but you want those gold times, right?


  • 75 Levels
  • Original Sound Track
  • Explore the first game in the series!

75 Levels of time management fun which will make you chase those gold times all month long.

The Tribloos is available for PC only currently, with a Mac version following later this year.

Don’t forget the other Tribloos series releases on Steam too!

Tribloos 2:
Tribloos 3:
Tribloos 3 OST:

Bumpkin Brothers Website

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