Train Sim World 2 Review

Train Sim World 2 Review

Train Sim World 2 launches today, 20 August 2020, on PS4, PC and XBO. It’s a separate title from the first installment, using the Dovetail‘s advanced SimuGraph engine. The simulation game puts you in the driver’s seat of trains in different locations in the world. Welcome to our Train Sim World 2 review!

Train Sim World 2 Review
Platform reviewed:PS4
Release date:20 August 2020
Price:£24.99 / $29.99 / R469.00
File size10.38 GB
Developer:Dovetail Games
Publisher:Dovetail Games

Train Sim World 2 Review: Story

Train Sim World 2 Review

This simulation game puts you in the driver seat of trains. You may be wondering why on earth you’d want to drive trains all day. Well, that’s why we’re writing this Train Sim World 2 Review. We also wondered the same thing and discovered just how much fun it can be.

When you start the simulation game, there’s a short tutorial on how to start the train up and get it going to specific locations. You’ll learn how to master different speeds and when to start applying the brakes. It all feels easy at first, until they introduce more complex controls.

There were other elements we also enjoyed for our Train Sim World 2 Review. You can walk out of the train in a first-person view. This feature is essential for side quests, such as placing posters on walls and refilling newspaper stands. Sure, these small tasks seem inconsequential, but all add to your final scores.

Train Sim World 2 Review: Here are the main trains and locations that we found.

  • Bakerloo Line – First opened in 1906 Bakerloo is one of the oldest lines on the London Underground. Master the modern-day complexity of rush hour in the British capital.
  • Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen – Step into the renowned DB BR 406 ICE 3M and drive passengers at speeds up to 250km/h as you race between Köln and Aachen on this German inter-city line.
  • Sand Patch Grade – Enjoy epic power with the CSX AC4400CW. Haul freight across the Allegheny Mountains, battling adhesion on one of the steepest grades in the United States.

If you have any add-ons from the first Train Sim World, then you can transfer them to the new simulation game. This feature is fantastic for any gamer that bought loads of content for the first game.

The only thing missing is business management. Unlike Construction Simulator 3, Bus Simulator or Demolish & Build where you use funds to grow your company and fleet, you are merely a driver. You and the train lines do level up, which unlocks new items. Yet, you won’t have a thriving company that you can manage.

Train Sim World 2 Review: Gameplay

Playing Train Sim World 2 on the PS4

Train Sim World 2 review

In our Train Sim World 2 Review, we discovered that you earn Action Points for the train you’re driving. The more you obey the rules and do the correct actions, the more AP you receive. Complete mission objectives, and you receive the highest AP for that line. However, break the rules (such as speeding, would you believe), and you lose action points.

The simulation game saves your stats so that you can compare it with your friends. You gain bragging rights for trains and lines, depending on how well you did. Show off your train collection or your skills.

When I started playing this game for my Train Sim World 2 Review, I felt intimidated. It felt like there were so many controls and things to learn, such as how to switch rails and which buttons allow you to perform specific functions. However, within the first hour I had already mastered the controls.

I had to become accustomed to how the speed and braking system works. Out of all the aspects in this Train Sim World 2 Review, this mechanism was probably the hardest to wrap my head around. Learning at which speeds to travel and which brake levels to apply, it wasn’t something I was used to.

You get the hang of it very quickly though. Eventually you learn that driving a train is a piece of cake. Of course, the game becomes harder the more you play the game, but that’s vital to a simulation game like this. We also felt that the progression level was satisfying in our Train Sim World 2 Review.

Scenario Planner

One of the gameplay elements worth mentioning in our Train Sim World 2 Review is the scenario planner. If you’re bored of playing the story mode or looking for something else to do, then you can plan your own routes and objectives. Some of the story missions are really long, extending from one end of the rail to the other. Scenario planner makes it easier for you to decide how far you want to travel and at which stations you want to stop.

Livery Designer

For those gamers that enjoy designing, you can create custom liveries to wrap on your trains. It adds a unique touch to a simulation game that makes it more exciting to play. It definitely raises the rating of our Train Sim World 2 Review for the gameplay element, as this is something Dovetail Games could have left out, but chose not to. Thank you!

Train Sim World 2 Review: Graphics

If there’s one element where the gaming excels for our Train Sim World 2 Review, it’s the graphics. Now, I’m not merely talking about how great the game looks in general. The detail is fantastic, especially with the dynamic weather system. In extremely cold weather, you can see the windows ice up.

The skies and buildings look amazing. You can change your camera to the external view while driving, taking in the superb landscape. When you walk among the people on the station, each person you meet is designed in fine detail. Sure, the movements look a bit odd at times, and there’s repetition in character designs, but that’s to be expected in a simulation game trying to keep file size down.

Train Sim World 2 Review: Sound

When it comes to the sound element for the Train Sim World 2 Review, it’s difficult to comment, since there’s no music when driving the train (unless I missed the setting somewhere). Trains don’t generally come with radios, so I guess that’s realistic.

The other sounds are on par, though. Rail sounds feel realistic, as well as the switches and whistle. You can also hear the sounds of the suburbs if you listen close enough, as well as the people chattering away at the stations. Thankfully, the mission text has voice-overs, as I am a lazy ready when it comes to game text.

Train Sim World 2 Review: Verdict

Train Sim World 2 Review

It’s unavoidable to write a Train Sim World 2 Review without wishing I had a train set at home (on my bucket list). I might not be reserving my own spot on the lounge sofa, but I definitely share Sheldon Cooper’s love for trains.

Coming back to the game, Train Sim World 2 provides a realistic train experience, that’s for sure. The graphics and gameplay stand up above the other elements, while there are enough story missions to keep you busy. I wish there was more business management, such as owning your own rail company, but I guess I’m heading more into the realm of fantasy than reality.

Overall, this simulator game is an enjoyable experience and I wasn’t as bored as I originally thought I would be. If you’re into long-haul simulator games like American Truck Simulator or European Truck Simulator 2, then I feel Train Sim World 2 is worth buying. If you’re an action junkie, then best to steer clear.

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