Trailer for Jessika | Exciting New FMV Investigative Game

Trailer for Jessika | AIR Entertainment

Assemble Entertainment, with developer TriTrie Games, have created a new behind-the-scenes trailer for Jessika, their upcoming investigative Full Motion Video (FMV) game. The thrilling, terrifying game is launching on Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam on 25 August 2020. 

Jessika presents you with the chance to investigate the suicide of the main protagonist. It’s intensely emotional, and with FMV graphics, it isn’t for the light-hearted. The trailer for Jessika shows just how dramatic and psychological this game will be.

You are hired by Jessika’s father as a private detective to discover what happened to her. You’ll need to use the FMV investigative footage as clues to uncover the truth. Was Jessika’s death truly suicide? What happened to her in her last, final, gripping moments? Can you handle it?

New Trailer for Jessika Reveals The Game’s Inspiration

The new trailer for Jessika reveals TriTrieGames‘ inspiration for the upcoming FMV investigative game. It also explains why they used this graphical format to portray the story. There is a deeper meaning in the game, with the developer’s personal views unravelling withing the development process.

“We are used to serious topics being discussed in movies. However, it’s rarely seen in games,” said Jessika Game Designer, Pierre Schlömp. “That was one of the main motivations for me to participate in this project.”

Here is the latest trailer for Jessika.

Details of The Game

Jessika’s father isn’t convinced that her death was a suicide. He hires you are a private detective to uncover the truth. You’ll use your laptop to work through her digital footprint, finding clues and watching her videos to see what happened.

The developer warns that the FMV game contains swearing and elements of alcohol and drugs. Of course, there are aspects of suicide too, so gamers that are sensitive to that topic should also steer clear. It contains deep, psychological topics, which is what makes the game so thrilling.

Here are some screenshots that the publisher shared with us with the announcement of the trailer for Jessika.

The name Assemble Entertainment may sound familiar to our regular readers. That’s because we reviewed S.W.I.N.E. HD Remastered Edition, which they also published. We also did a preview for their upcoming game, Endzone – A World Apart.

We haven’t heard about Tritrie Games as yet, so we decided to do some research. They’re a game development company based in Germany. While they’re unknown to us, they were nominated for the ‘Ubisoft/Blue Byte Best Newcomer Award in 2018’. So we’re interested to watch Tritrie Games grow.

Upcoming Review of Jessika

If you’re as excited as we are by the trailer of Jessika, then you’ll be happy to know that we received a review code for the upcoming FMV investigative game!!! Yes, we’re shouting, because we’re that excited. We’re not shy when it comes to horror or psychological thrillers.

We’ve never played a FMV game before, though. I think the closest we’ve come are the Myst games. So this game may just be a new opportunity for us, and we really hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Since the Jessika only launches 25 August 2020, we can’t share any specific details until then. Stay tuned when we do publish our review to find out whether it delivers. Until then, you can play the demo on Steam and share your thoughts with us.

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