Tipping a Bathroom 575 times on GTA Online Will Get you This Awesome Easter Egg

Tipping a Bathroom 575 times on GTA Online Will Get you This Awesome Easter Egg


Rockstar Games have recently released the latest update to GTA Online called Arena War. And while this update is quite fantastic, giving you a new exciting mode, a rather fatal reality show, and some new game modes, this isn’t quite what has GTA gamers up in a hype.

But first some background for those of you who have missed out. In GTA, there has been a Scientology-type cult called Epsilon, who always provided the weirdest quests available. You also received nifty outfits or items from them, and there is a reward for wearing an Epsilon suit for 10 in-game days in a row.

Well, players have found a new secret after the release of Arena War. There is a new Epsilon suit up for grabs, but this one requires some patience and perseverance. You need to head to your or a friend’s personal nightclub and enter the bathroom. No, you don’t need to hit up some drugs or smack the ass of a strip dancer a 100 times. You simply need to tip the bathroom attendant…575 times!!!

So how do you know if it is working? Well, there are certain milestones that trigger dialogue, where these messages will appear:

  • 10 tips: You are Seeking the Truth
  • 155 tips: You are Chasing the Truth
  • 575 tips: You are Bearing the Truth

As soon as you get the last message, you will suddenly receive the robes. Now, it must be noted that some players have reported that no matter how many times they tip they did not receive the robes. Others say that when they log out and back in, the robes vanish. If you are in one of these categories, be sure to hit Rockstar Games up so that they can get it fixed with a new patch.



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