The Vale Shadow of the Crown Demo Now Live on Steam

The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo

Following the successful debut on Xbox One during the Xbox Summer Fest Demo Event, independent game studio Falling Squirrel has now released on Steam their groundbreaking audio-only action-adventure game, The Vale Shadow of the Crown demoWe’d like to invite you to give it a try and experience something truly unique and magical.

Press Release: The Vale Shadow of the Crown Demo

Winner of the 2018 Ubisoft Indie Special Prize and the Reboot Develop Red 2019 Special Selection Prize, The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo trades visuals for audio cues, creating a distinct take on action combat that also breaks down barriers for low-vision and blind gamers.

Challenging battles, exciting quests, and Triple-A quality voice acting make for a gaming experience, unlike anything you have ever played!

 Anyone who wishes to try their hand — and ear — at The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo can do so starting today by visiting the game’s Steam page, here.

Game Details For The Vale Shadow of the Crown Demo

The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo

Developed in close consultation with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo utilises the latest in assistive technologies, including binaural audio and haptic controller feedback, to create an immersive experience and a thrilling action-adventure game.

Falling Squirrel is committed to their mandate to develop inclusive and accessible games — The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo development features sincere and deliberate representation by employing visually impaired voice actors and developers.

 In The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo, players embark on the emotional journey of the Second-to-the-Throne — blind from birth and recently exiled to the edges of the kingdom upon the coronation of their elder brother as King of the land.

Through the ears of the hero, players must embark on a treacherous journey as they explore the world around them, fight off enemies in challenging, interactive combat, hunt for resources, acquire gear, and lose themselves in a rich narrative supported by top-tier voice acting.

The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo

The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo Key Features: 

  • Accessible Gaming For All: Haptic controller feedback, binaural audio technology, and professional cinematic voice acting guides players through real-time combat, exploration, and quests, and cut scenes, making this a gaming experience that is accessible to visually impaired and sighted players alike.
  • Diverse Soundscape Environments: The bustle of busy villages, the gentle rustling of leaves through the trees in the forests, the eerie echoes of the unknown in dank caves — full 3-dimensional sound surrounds players from all sides as they adventure in over 20 diverse locations ripe for exploration.
  • Immersive Medieval Combat: Players become engaged in the action in a way that is entirely refreshing as a diverse set of enemies attack with random and story-based encounters, boss battles, and more. Intuitive battle clamor guides players towards enemies as they attack and defend against their foes.
  • Meaningful RPG Elements: Presented with a choice of combat styles, players will guide their fully-voiced hero and build their potential as they unlock branching magic paths, loot enemies, hunt animals for valuable items, and visit shops to purchase weapons and armor — each with unique sounds and stats.
  • A Story for the Ages: With branching paths determined by player choice, over 20 side quests, and more than 70 audio cutscenes, players will uncover twists and surprises as they travel the land and speak with the many unique and fully voiced characters they encounter.

 The Vale Shadow of the Crown demo will be available now, with the full game for Windows PC via Steam and Xbox One in Q1 2021. Players who wish to learn more may visit the official webpage.

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