The GCC’s First Dedicated Exclusive Esports Conference – XLIVE ESPORTS SUMMIT MIDDLE EAST

The GCC’s First Dedicated Exclusive Esports Conference – XLIVE ESPORTS SUMMIT MIDDLE EAST

A select group of industry leaders will come together to explore pathways to push esports in the region forward during XLIVE Esports Summit Middle East.

The aim of the event which will be held at Abu Dhabi ADNEC in The Hive Conference and Workshop rooms on 23rd – 24th October 2019. is to educate the market and understand the opportunities in the rapidly growing esports market specifically for the MENA region. The summits are designed for: Marketers, Media Buyers, Advertisers, Government entities, Non endemic brands and Event Service Providers.

Covering the best of the vast esports ecosystem

The event will feature international speakers from various fields of esports involvement, ranging from airlines, hardware producers, universities, national esports organizations, esports teams, football clubs, grasroots and tech forward-pushers, netiquette specialists and league organizers among others.

Head of Esports at AirAsia, Allan Phang will share his formula on “How to enter esports space via a unique strategy and get connected with Millennials and Generation Z digital natives”, while COO of Epulze, Frank Sliwka will reveal “How Esports & Gaming will drive the growths of Travel & Tourism”.

Paul Collins, MEA General Manager at Acer will talk about Acer’s commitment to expand the gaming industry in the region with their Predator and Nitro gaming portfolio which will empower the next generation of homegrown eSports champions.

On the other hand, you can find out “How did a Japanese academy which produced almost 200,000 alumni started its venture into esports” from the Chairman of Japanese Vantan Academy, Hiromi Ishikawa.
To answer the question “How and why does a 120 year old football club from Norway get involved in esports?” here is Viking FC CEO Eirik Henningsen.

Adam Whyte, Founder & CEO of Edge says that it is needed to “End the Wild West of Esports with Tech” because the industry has grown faster than it can regulate itself, so it can reach the next level and establish stability and regulation, while Jesal Parekh, COO of Team Flash will guide us on how to navigate the Southeast Asian esports waters and “Build the No.1 Esports Organization in Vietnam.

Workshops on symbiosis of esports and brands involvement, education, tech and grassroots will also take place at the end of the each day.

There is still a chance to attend

Final delegates will be selected on Sunday, 13th of October, so there is still a possibility to register for the chance of attendance. They will be selected based on if their company, brand, footprint, and networks in this region tick the box of being able to make a big difference to the esports sector in the GCC. 

XLIVE Esports Summit Middle East is organized by ibMedia – a Global Management Consulting Company and an Advisor on Business Strategies and Informa Markets which creates platforms for specialist markets to connect, trade, innovate and grow.

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