The Nintendo PlayStation sounds more like some sort of crazy lab experiment than an actual console, but once upon a time it was actually going to be a real thing.

Known officially as the Super NES CD-ROM, the Nintendo PlayStation marked a collaboration between the two gaming giants, and was created as a prototype before sadly failing to make it to market.

The general deal was to release an optical disc drive-reliant console back in 1988, and both PlayStation and Nintendo were on board for the project.

The contract between the two parties ended up falling through, and then in 1994 Sony released the PlayStation One, but not before a prototype Nintendo PlayStation was squeezed out into the world.

The console – which is thought to be the only prototype in existence – is now being sold by its owner, Terry Diebold, who’s looking to sell this iconic piece of video games history.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the owner’s friend, Cedric Biscay stated: “Terry Diebold that we have invited several years ago at @MagicMonaco just informed me that he wants to sell his Nintendo PlayStation official prototype. I am very curious to know about the final price for this !

“I guess a crazy World Record will happen…”

Yep, I don’t even want to know how much this thing is going to sell for. It’s likely that the price will be so high it’ll either be going to a serious collector or to a museum. Let’s hope it’s the latter so we can all enjoy this baby!
If you’re a bazillionaire and you want to get your paws on the Nintendo PlayStation, you can make a serious offer via the email address in the tweet below.

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