Uncover the secrets of Le Carré as York returns in this brand-new mystery adventure!

Is Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee worth buying? How well does it play on the Switch? We answer these questions and so much more in our review.

Indie game realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Switch is coming to Nintendo Switch

In our Fishing Adventure Review for the Nintendo Switch, we go fishing to determine if the game is worth buying.

Game Releases in May Schedule and Trailers! Find them all here. Make sure you don't miss any game release!

The issues started at the beginning of April

Transfer software data, remap buttons, and more The Nintendo Switch firmware has today made a big leap from Version 9.2.0 to 10.0.0. This new update, which is now live, comes with a number of new features. Just don’t get your hopes up for folders and themes. You can now transfer software data between the system memory and the SD card (and vice versa). In addition to this, you can r...

On February 21 this year, Ultimate Games S.A. set the release date of two new games on Nintendo Switch. Fishing Adventure is one of the best-rated fishing games of recent years. Otherworldly, in turn, is a proposal for lovers of horror and gruesome adventure.

Indie video game publisher Modus Games today launched a free demo for the newest installment of the Trine series, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, available to download now on Nintendo eShop in North America.

Brave the horrors of the Russian Apocalypse in February 2020

Ghostbusters and Night of The Living Dead DLC Also Available For This  Heart-Pounding Horror Shooter from PikPok Independent games publisher Versus Evil in partnership with PikPok today revealed its launch trailer for apocalyptic zombie shooter Into The Dead 2 which is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 25th. Officially licensed Ghostbusters and Night of The Living Dead missions for Into Th...

Nightfall Will Become Your Worst Fear Independent games publisher Versus Evil in partnership with Breadcrumbs Interactiveare proud to introduce one more creature feature video for Kikimora from Yaga, their Slavic folktale inspired action RPG. Yaga will launch this Fall on PC via the Epic Games Store and at the same time will arrive on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Yo...

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