Prove your Faith and Tenacity in this Macabre Action RPG with Weighty, Rewarding Combat Indie publishing label The Arcade Crew and developer Hibernian Workshop today announced Dark Devotion will beckon PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners into its mysterious, labyrinth-like temple on Oct. 24. The date was revealed within a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game’s haunting, intricat...

Call of Cthulhu – Experience the terror of the Lovecraft mythos anywhere, anytime on Nintendo Switch™  A shiver down your spine, shadows in the dark, and something in the corner of your eye – Call of Cthulhu is out now for Nintendo Switch™, so you truly can’t escape madness. Watch the brand-new Nintendo Switch™ Launch Trailer for a taste of this mysterious investigation adventure and g...

Quality comes first as 11 bit studios decides to delay Children of Morta on Nintendo Switch to Nov. 20th

Limited edition of the RPG is coming soon Super Rare Games today have announced their partnership with Shiro Games to physically release Evoland: Legendary Edition for the Nintendo Switch™. Pre-orders for the game open on October the 10th, exclusively at Super Rare Games has worked on some of the biggest and most loved indie games on the console, releasing titles such as Worms:...

Discover the reactions of real racers who got their hands on the game in the new launch trailer


EXCLUSIVE HOUSEWARMING GIFT PACK WHEN YOU PRE-ORDER MY TIME AT PORTIA: Heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch™ on the 16th April

Retro ice hockey action skates to Nintendo Switch in April. PS4 and Xbox One versions to follow

Acclaimed deck-building rogue-like Monster Slayers ventures to Nintendo Switch next month

TT Isle of Man will be released for Nintendo Switch™ on May 23rd 2019, both in physical version and in the eShop.

Whimsical Physics-Based Puzzle Game, Claybook, Now Available on Nintendo Switch

A universe of wonder awaits the minds of those curious enough to delve into the pages of the Claybook — a stage for all manner of clay creations brought to life by an imaginative child.

FutureGrind is an extremely difficult game to become accustomed to, especially when they increase the complexity of the game the moment you become used to it. There are gamers out there that will love this game.

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